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Close the CX loop
with real time feedback
Turn customer feedback
into customer delight
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Woman with cell phone providing feedback
One platform
multiple solutions
Real time feedback
real time action
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In the moment feedback
Make customer service
real and actionable
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Mystery shopping
Ensure compliance with
standards and
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Digital comment board example
Digital comment boards
Engage, share,
communicate, captivate
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woman doing inspection with tablet
Inspections and audits
Measure operational
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In today’s competitive environment a great customer experience is the main differentiator to help grow your business. Touchwork’s CX platform and solutions provide the hub for capturing, assessing and reporting on all your customer feedback to gain the insights that drive success.


A great customer experience (CX) is essential to ensure satisfaction, promote loyalty and advocacy and thereby impact the financial performance of your operations. Find out how Touchwork can help you achieve success.

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Ready to understand your customers? Let us show you how.

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How to Build a Long-Term Strategy Around Customer Feedback
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NPS and Real-time Feedback: A Powerful Combo to Quantify Student Satisfaction

NPS and Real-time Feedback: A Powerful Combo to Quantify Student Satisfaction

When looking for a future college to attend, prospective students and parents take many factors into account. Among the criteria that fall within this screening process are the university’s national rankings, the level of prestige it holds, its location, how that university can help in their career path, attendance costs, and how other students review those universities based on their own experiences on the college campus. The reviews hold a considerable amount of importance in the decision-making process. In fact, online customers reviews, be them from students or otherwise, are read by over 91% of people who are interested in joining. Knowing how your students feel in real-time will greatly benefit your college's overall reputation. Here is the simplest way to quantify students’ overall satisfaction levels and use real-time feedback to impact it.

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