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Why Colleges Need to Embrace Social Listening

For those of us who don’t know, social listening is the process by which someone is searching online sources, be it blogs, websites, the news, and, of course, social media, for any mentions or conversations that would be of any interest for that person.

In other words, social listening is not only about looking at what people are saying to you, but also about what people are saying about you. Simply put, social listening is a form of gathering feedback without having to ask for it. And to put it out there, social media monitoring only deals with what people say to you, whereas social listening does both.

The Top 5 Reasons Your Customers Don’t Provide Feedback

Even if you ask for feedback, there is no guarantee that you’ll receive any. It can be problematic, especially when a business is looking to improve itself. To help you determine the cause, here are the top five reasons why your customers may not provide you with their opinion.

How to Personalize the Customer Experience

It’s been well established and confirmed that excellent customer service can provide numerous benefits to a company. By delivering a well-implemented and personalized customer experience, that business can almost guarantee that their customers will return over and over again. Here are three examples of how to achieve a great personalized customer experience.


Common Mistakes When Gathering Customer Feedback

Collecting customer feedback is a relatively straightforward process but knowing how to do it correctly and efficiently is another matter altogether. Regardless of what this feedback is intended to capture, there are several common mistakes that people can make when creating surveys if they’re not careful.

Auxiliary Organizations Association (AoA) 2019 Annual Conference – Indian Wells, CA, January 13 – 16, 2019

Please join us at the 2019 Auxiliary Organizations Association (AOA) Annual Conference.  The Conference theme is Paving Pathways For Student Success and is being held in beautiful Indian Wells, California on January 13 – 16, 2019.  There are 86 auxiliary organizations connected to the 23 CSU campuses that help every student along their pathway.  These self-support auxiliaries manage over […]

NACAS C3X 2018 Annual Conference and Expo – Orlando, FL, Oct 14 – 17, 2018

Hosted annually, C3X convenes leaders from more than 700 higher education institutions and nearly 200 NACAS Business Partners to showcase the most inclusive and modern perspective of how auxiliary services enrich the campus experience. We invite you to connect with other strategic leaders and benefit from the must-attend event of high-level learning, idea generation, collaboration, […]

Why Transparency with Customer Feedback is Good Marketing

Companies that do a good job of responding to online customer feedback reap certain rewards. However, companies that don’t respond to online customer feedback or who do so poorly are at risk for perpetuating a negative perception of their business. People who feel that their opinions do not matter or have no idea if their feedback is received will be discouraged from sharing feedback again in the future. Worse, they may walk away from your business altogether.


The Ultimate Guide for Using SMS for Customer Support

SMS messages, or more commonly known as text messages, are an effective way to take your customer support to a whole new level. Texts have a 99% open rate, with 95% read within the first 3 minutes from being sent. What’s more, 89% of consumers would like to communicate with businesses via messaging, but, unfortunately, only 48% of companies support this sort of connection. Messaging also ranks as the number one preferred customer service channel in the United States and among the top three in the rest of the world.


Kiosk-Based Feedback: How It Works and Why It’s So Effective

In this, evermore, digital world, customer feedback usually boils down to email surveys and pop-up survey windows. Then, there are the all too familiar people with a clipboard and pencil in hand, approaching passersby customers on the street. In more recent years, however, a new and somewhat different form of surveying has come on to the scene and one that stands a good chance of becoming the favorite – feedback kiosks.