Best practice series: Tip #3 – Send a personal “Reply” to each student

Sending a personal reply text message directly to each and every student expresses genuine interest as well as a “personal touch” by dining management and helps build the relationship between students and dining services. Ensure that the reply is appropriate – answers a question, provides more information, thanks them for a compliment, apologizes for problems, etc.

This task is best completed by either the unit manager or the dining services marketing person. Include the name of the person in the message to further personalize the response and build the relationship. It is quick and easy to do – just type the message in the “Reply” column of the TxtandTell portal and send.

A record of the message as well as when it was sent and who sent it is recorded for review and training purposes.

Best practice series: Tip #2 – Use “cool but appropriate” language

When posting manager responses on the TxtandTell Digital Comment Boards, use “cool but appropriate” language with the inclusion of some wit, whenever possible. This will attract the attention of students and inspire an ongoing discussion as opposed to using simple “monotone” replies such as “Thank you for your feedback”.

Answer questions, provide updates, apologize for problems, recognize good performance, thank students for their comments…ensure your responses are honest and sincere – and take the actions you have promised.


Students all follow the latest trends and use a particular style and language when engaging in friendly conversation. It is good practice to “place yourself in their shoes” and use the management responses as a vehicle to encourage an ongoing dialog and elicit further feedback.

To see some good examples of student comments and engaging responses from dining management, please click here

Best practice series: Tip #1 – Think like a marketer when publishing student comments

The TxtandTell Digital Comment Boards are great for sharing information, engaging students and communicating the actions you are taking based on their feedback.

As unit managers may not have the required marketing experience, consider having a dining services marketing person review the student comments and actually do the responses, screen moderation and publishing to the screens. This typically need only take a few minutes each day.


Establishing a “service oriented” mindset is important when replying to and posting student comments and dining management responses. This will go a long way in creating a friendly and constructive environment to have a public conversation with your customers.

Use a marketing orientated person to post responses to student comments.