The Kinetica CX platform provides a flexible, multi-channel software environment to capture, analyze, share and transform customer experience (CX) related information into structured insights with in-depth reporting and analytics tools. It enables multiple solutions to be configured and accessed via a single web portal on their own or in any combination.

Easy to use on any device

Kinetica CX and solutions are designed to work on any device – whether you are collecting data in the field using a smart phone or tablet or analyzing results in the office with a PC.

Supports multiple feedback channels

Capture feedback from all commonly used communications channels:

Text message/SMS

QR code (web)

easycode.com (web)



Ultimate flexibility – easy to program

Supports multiple question types, embedded data, branching, display logic, image/video/voice capture, email/SMS triggers, mobile and offline compatibility, randomization and all the advanced features you’ll ever need.

Real-time reporting

Real-time information drives better decisions. With Kinetica CX users obtain the insights they need to make accurate, informed business decisions.

Configure your own dashboard and choose from a range of standard best practice reporting wizards or export data to Excel or PDF to create a professional presentation in minutes.

You can also schedule reports to be automatically sent weekly or monthly to designated stakeholders.

Screen with reports

Organization-wide scalability

Standardizing on a single platform makes delivering insights to the right people seamless. Kinetica CX allows collaboration across functional departments and easily integrates with existing systems (CRM, ERP and legacy systems).

Features and benefits

Actionable intelligence and reporting
Robust reporting and analytics interpret feedback in the context of your business objectives

Professional Services
We help to analyze results and provide guidance to develop improvement initiatives

Complex campaigns made easy
User friendly step-by-step wizard that takes you through the process of creating a campaign

Real time feedback alerts
Automatically highlight dissatisfied customers that require immediate resolution

Multiple feedback channels
Deliver multichannel surveys to any device – PC, Mobile or Tablet – online or offline, web, email or SMS

Real-time feedback opportunities
The ability to provide your customers continuous real-time feedback opportunities