Best Practice Series: Tip #3 - Send a personal "Reply" to each student

on Tuesday, 23 April 2013. Posted in Latest News, Tips and Best Practice

  • manager responsesSending a personal reply text message directly to each and every student expresses genuine interest as well as a "personal touch" by dining management and helps build the relationship between students and dining services.
  • Ensure that the reply is appropriate - answers a question, provides more information, thanks them for a compliment, apologizes for problems, etc.
  • This task is best completed by either the unit manager or the dining services marketing person. Include the name of the person in the message to further personalize the response and build the relationship.
  • It is quick and easy to do - just type the message in the "Reply" column of the TxtandTell portal and send.
  • A record of the message as well as when it was sent and who sent it is recorded for review and training purposes.

About TxtandTell Tip of the Week

Based on the experiences of many different schools using the TxtandTell Realtime Student Feedback/Digital Comment Board program, Touchwork is sharing some best practices with users.



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