4 Amazing examples of SMS customer experience on college campuses

4 Amazing examples of SMS customer experience on college campuses


According to research, 90 percent of smartphone users are enrolled in SMS loyalty clubs with companies they feel like they benefit from being enrolled in their program.[i] More than 50 percent of consumers would rather text for customer support than call if given the option. And 98 percent of adults aged 18 to 29 in the US own a device capable of receiving a text message.[ii]

There is no question whether or not text messaging is a smart way to improve or enhance your customers’ experience. Arguably, SMS is the new normal when it comes to customer service. So, since text messaging customers is becoming more of the expectation, how can you leverage the technology to offer superior service to your students on campus?

Let’s take a closer look at four college campuses that are utilizing SMS technology to elevate the customer experience of their students.

1. California State University, Northridge (CSUN)

CSUN uses text messaging so students can report issues with self-service facilities on campus. They implemented the Touchwork FixIt solution to make it possible for students and staff to report if they encounter a problem with vending machines or bathroom facilities. Now in use for over a year, CSUN says it’s a great customer service tool. It uses simple flyers/stickers to instruct how people can report a problem. They have received excellent feedback all around due to their ability to provide exceptional service.

2. Xavier University

Here’s a neat idea that Xavier University implemented: laundry monitoring! They make it possible for students living in their residence halls to monitor the status of their laundry through a new online service called Laundry Alert. Students can see which machines are available for use within the various buildings on campus. Students can even set up text alerts, so they are notified when a machine becomes available. And once they are doing their laundry, they will receive another text alert that lets them know when their laundry is done.

3. The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

UCLA uses Touchwork’s TxtandTell service as a way to engage with students using their dining facilities. From general feedback to specific inquiries on dining options to contests and everything in-between, UCLA has made it possible for students to communicate with university staff across eight different dining locations easily. The best part? UCLA dining services have a stronger connection with their students. SMS has created a dialogue that both the university and the students appreciate.

4. Dartmouth University

Dartmouth is also utilizing the Touchwork’s TxtandTell and MarketIT solutions within their dining facilities like UCLA. They have made it possible for students to share their feedback via text message. With SMS, students share what they like and dislike, and the dining managers can respond to guest questions, comments, concerns, and even funny quips in real-time. Dartmouth is also using SMS to send students and staff who opt-in the The Scoop, the University’s mobile club, updates about special events, offers on campus, and other important campus announcements.

There are more colleges and universities out there providing superior customer care through SMS. When access and convenience intersect with customer wants and needs, you have a recipe for success. People in general, but especially college students, are exceedingly comfortable doing life with their smartphones. Therefore, the more college campuses can leverage SMS technology to provide easy and convenient services to students, the better.

In what ways are you leveraging SMS to enhance the customer experience? Tell us about it.

Not using SMS on campus, but wish you were? Contact us. We’d love to hear from you.


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