4 Automated responses you can use to enhance the customer experience

4 Automated responses you can use to enhance the customer experience


Customer service can make or break a company. The experience your customers have with your business or university can be just as important as your products or services.

Delivering a quality customer experience doesn’t have to be overly complicated. And, in fact, automation at specific touchpoints can go a long way in delivering a superior customer experience and reinforcing your brand values.

Today’s average consumer has high expectations when it comes to customer service. With technology and on-demand services, how quickly you are able to respond to your customers is important. According to research, at least 84% of your customers expect a response within a day and 47% expect it within an hour.

With such a short window of time to respond to customer questions or issues, it’s more important than ever to respond as quickly as possible. This can be easier said than done if you don’t have a system in place for responding to customer feedback or customer service issues.

If, for instance, you are running a college dining hall, you could receive customer feedback by the hundreds every week. Replying to every one of your students is necessary but also time-consuming and resource-intensive. Automated responses, however, can be a perfect solution for providing rapid response times and delivering exceptional customer service.

Below are four examples of automated replies to customer feedback you can use to enhance the customer experience.

Positive Feedback Automated Replies

Positive feedback is often sidelined, given the fact that the customer is already happy. However, it is much easier to keep a happy customer happy and your customer service should acknowledge every customer, especially your most loyal ones. Therefore, always be sure to thank your customers for their feedback, especially when they take the time to tell you they like something.

Template 1

Hi [Name],

We are incredibly grateful that you took the time out to leave us this note. Our dining hall puts student satisfaction as a top priority, and we are committed to our hungry customers. Its students like you that make our job wonderful. We look forward to serving you again.

Template 2

Hi [Name],

We are incredibly pleased to hear that you’ve enjoyed [new feature] that we’ve added to our college dining menu. Your positive experience with us is our bread and butter, and we hope to bring the same level of satisfaction again, soon.

Negative Feedback Automated Replies

Negative feedback can come in various shapes and sizes. On the one hand, your customers could point out multiple issues or features that made them feel uncomfortable or unsatisfied, while on the other hand, customers could only be asking for additional services that you don’t currently have like healthier meal options or a breakfast menu until 12 pm.

Template 3

Dear [name],

We want to extend our sincerest apologies concerning all the issues that you have identified. We pride ourselves in maintaining the highest quality standards for our students. So, we hope you will give us an opportunity to discuss this further. You can reach out to us on [phone number], or you can email us on [email id]. [name], our [position] will be taking care of you personally, his/her extension number is [extn]. He/she will be reaching out to you within [x hours or days], and we look forward to fully resolving your concerns. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to make this right.

Template 4

Dear [name],

Thank you for sharing your feedback! We have received similar feedback regarding the issue of [student’s request]. We are happy to report that we are currently looking into ways to facilitate this request. Please rest assured that we are looking into the issue and will keep you updated on how and when we expect to address this important request. It is because of generous feedback like this that we are able to better address your needs. Please continue to share your valuable insights with us!


If done properly, your automated feedback responses can instantly curb any negative notions your customers have about their experience. Automated responses can make your students feel instantly heard and validated, while also providing you and your team the time you need to follow-up personally.

With the proper context and language working together, facilitating a positive customer experience with an automated response is possible. You are free to use these templates here as you wish and personalize them for your audience and purpose.

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