6 Ways to get customer feedback on Grab ‘n Go items

6 Ways to get customer feedback on Grab ‘n Go items


No matter what you sell or what type of service you provide on campus, your customer’s feedback is essential to better selling and better service. However, getting feedback in a swift “Grab ‘n Go” setting does not provide much time for interaction or observation.

But that doesn’t mean that a customer feedback loop is impossible. You simply need to figure out how to earn the attention of students on-the-go in ways that make it valuable and worthwhile for them without stopping them in their tracks. Here are six helpful ways to get customer feedback in a grab ‘n go environment.

Add a label with feedback instructions to each item

Include instructions on how to provide feedback on a label attached to the item. Let customers access a short web form or text their feedback. Monitor the taste, quality, temperature or packaging and identify problems. Launching a new product? Use the same process to test the market and gain valuable insights. Use a solution such as GrabandTell to automate this process.

Send a text follow-up

Sign up for a texting platform (such as MarketIT) where students and staff can opt in to receive notifications from you. You can send periodic promotions or coupons, or use quick one-question surveys to target specific things, such as their satisfaction with the selection you provide or how long they usually have to wait in the checkout line.

Make it easy to request new items to be stocked

It’s easy to see what products sell and which ones don’t. But how do you discover which products you should be selling, but aren’t already?

Improvise an easy way for students to share what items they would like to see in stock. You could keep a cashier’s log that manually details student responses, or use text messaging or receipt surveys. Or, you could go bold and make an oversized poster that lets people publicly request and vote on items.

Create a Facebook group or page for your services and join the conversations

Social media profiles have given businesses unprecedented opportunities to directly engage with their fans (and disgruntled customers). Not only does it give students a way to learn more about you, but it also gives you insight on your customers’ experiences.

For this to work for feedback purposes, you need to give people a reason to join your group or follow your page. Once they commit, you need to establish enough value to keep them engaged. You can do this by keeping your page or group updated often, encouraging feedback, asking questions, advertising new products or items on clearance, anything that you think students and staff need to know about.

Add a survey to each receipt

Students are over-surveyed as it is, but surveys offer excellent opportunities to get very specific answers to specific questions. You can add a survey question to each hard copy receipt for students to submit, or include a link or QR code that will direct the customer to an online survey.

You should also provide some reason or incentive for customers to take your survey. Simply promising an improved customer experience in the future isn’t always enough. Try offering something like a free $5 gift card to 10 survey takers. (Even though it’s a small value, people might participate because there are 10 prizes at stake, not just one.)

Enlist the help of a secret shopper

Secret shopping isn’t a new concept by any means, but it is one of the most underutilized methods of collecting accurate feedback. If you don’t have the budget to outsource secret shopping, it can be relatively inexpensive to manage it in-house.

Have your shopper make a small grab n go purchase, and offer to reimburse the purchase in exchange for completing the shop. Have the shopper comment on both the item they purchased, as well as their experience including things like: cleanliness, product variety, professionalism of the staff, ease of transaction, prices, and other key details that can help you create a better shopping experience.


The whole point of Grab ‘n Go shopping is to provide convenience to your customer. Even though your buyers may not be spending much time interacting with you or your services, you should still prioritize creating a positive total customer experience. Ensure they are satisfied with the items purchased and they will appreciate you for it.

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