Are You Prepared to Collect (and Respond to) Student Feedback this Fall?

are you prepared to collect student feedback this fall

Are You Prepared to Collect (and Respond to) Student Feedback this Fall?

With the 2021 fall semester right around the corner, colleges and universities are getting ready to welcome students back to campus for in-person learning again, whether full-time or hybrid. As COVID-19 will not quite be in the rearview mirror for some time, there will still be plenty of guidelines and safety measures in place to keep students, staff and faculty safe. But are colleges and universities prepared to collect, monitor, and respond to student  feedback this fall?

Student support, customer service, and communication will be of heightened importance with the reopening of campuses across the country and the world. With so many changes in place, questions and uncertainty are bound to be plentiful. Educational institutions and their auxiliary service providers, will need to provide multiple channels for student feedback and interaction and be extra vigilant about responding timeously and appropriately.

Here are the top four ways colleges and universities can prepare to collect and respond to student feedback post-pandemic.

Touchless Feedback.

Even with vaccinations, people are still of the mindset to limit their contact with public surfaces. That means traditional kiosks you used to place throughout campus to collect feedback will be better accessed from personal mobile devices this fall. Our TxtandTell solution makes this not only possible but easy and quick to implement. 

Around campus and online, make  “text to” numbers and QR codes readily available so that students and staff can easily scan or text to submit feedback in real-time for everything from the experience of getting on campus to their dining preferences and satisfaction with common areas like restrooms and study halls.

Frequent Feedback.

Feedback needs to be encouraged and collected every day. Because every day you may be made aware of something new you didn’t anticipate and you’ll want to get out in front of it.

Do students and staff feel safe on campus? With potential hybrid schedules in place, did they encounter an issue accessing a service they needed? Are the new dining room policies and hours meeting student needs? Do they have questions about updated guidelines and rules on campus? Anticipate questions, be ready to answer, and welcome any and all feedback from virtually every area of campus where students engage with your services.

Get Students to Opt-In to SMS Notifications.

Now more than ever people need to be informed. That means that campus outbound communications need to reach everyone. Social media, email and fliers work to some extent, but nothing is more effective than SMS text messaging to ensure your updates are received and read timeously. Therefore, as students and staff are registering for this fall, make it a point to get as many people as possible to opt-in for SMS notifications. 

With people subscribed to receive SMS push notifications, they can receive everything from updated CDC guidelines to facility updates and schedule changes. With SMS permissions, you have the ability to over-communicate important information to the people who need it most. Our MarketIT solution can facilitate all of this for you.

Track the Performance of Your Operations.

Tracking the performance of operations was always important, but in the wake of COVID-19 it is essential to ensure a safe and smooth student experience with new procedures in place. 

You will undoubtedly want to make sure that staff are adhering to rules and regulations and then monitor how students and staff feel when they shop on campus at any one of your newly opened sites. Our Mystery Shopping solution makes it possible for you to carefully monitor the locations you choose, deliver surveys, collect feedback, get detailed reporting, and assign issues to the appropriate staff members. 

As of the spring 2021, many college students are still waiting to learn if they will be welcomed back to campus full time or not. Depending on your state and county, things can vary dramatically and change quickly. Preparing your institution now to make monitoring the student experience a priority will only help manage whatever format students return to your university this fall.

Retention, satisfaction, and safety aren’t competing priorities – they are complementary. You can implement quick, easy, and web-based solutions now that don’t require any complicated or expensive IT infrastructure to make it ready to run this fall. Contact us today to learn more and talk about your needs and how we can help you get ready now.


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