5 Ways to Motivate Your Staff at the Start of a New Year


It’s a brand-new year. Your students may still be on winter break, but now is a perfect time to motivate your staff around common goals for the upcoming semester.
As certain as it’s 2018, delivering a positive customer experience, or in your case a positive student experience, is probably a top priority. CX usually starts and ends with the people and infrastructures they interact with on a daily basis. Therefore, before students return from their long winter’s nap, here are a few ways you can leverage technology to boost the student experience and get your staff enthusiastic about it.
Motivating your staff at the start of the New Year might be a little easier if you follow these five tips.

Why Universities Need SMS to Enhance CX


In today’s environment with multiple communication channels, using SMS (Short Message Service) or Text Messaging is becoming the most effective way for schools to stay connected with their students. With a 98% open rate and most messages being read within three seconds of sending, there’s no quicker way to communicate with your students.

The Auxiliary Services That Make Colleges the Most Money

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Prospective college students and their parents take many factors into consideration when they’re choosing between competing universities. They consider the university’s national rankings, its location, the level of prestige it holds, and how well the university fits into their career path. The list could go on and on, but one area that students and parents don’t typically consider is rapidly becoming a keystone of many universities’ financial health: auxiliary services. During difficult economic times, these can generate a great deal of revenue, even amid the stark reality of increasingly tight budgets.

6 Ways to Get Your Students’ Feedback on Everything


Your students’ feedback is your only clear indicator of how well (or not) you’re performing, and you can never have too much of it. In a perfect world, you’d be able to hear the thoughts and suggestions from every student you serve. However, if you can settle for getting as much feedback as possible, the following six ways can give you plenty of food for thought.

Here’s Why Your Students Stopped Buying Stuff on Campus

here's why your students stopped buying stuff on campus

Student spending is typically a huge revenue boost for colleges and universities. Food sales in a slump? Crickets chirping in the bookstore? Having to cut service positions because of declining revenue?
This is the reality among campuses throughout the country, and it’s taking a toll on more than just your dining halls and student stores. When students stop buying stuff on campus and take their business to the community or online merchants, it creates a ripple effect: fewer students on campus may reflect poorly on tour groups of prospective students, which could lead to a drop in applicants.

5 Ways to Increase Student Engagement at the Start of Every Semester

5 Ways to Increase Student Engagement at the Start of Every Semester

If you want to engage your students, there’s no better time than at the beginning of a new semester. It’s a chance for a fresh start, an opportunity to begin on a strong note that can potentially last until finals.
To put your best foot forward from the start and connect with your students, try these 5 tips to increase student engagement at the start of every semester.

How Dartmouth College is Leveraging Real-Time Feedback

How Dartmouth Is Leveraging Real-Time Feedback

Dartmouth College introduced Touchwork’s TxtandTell Solution at the end of 2016, and they are already seeing favorable results within 6 months. According to John Plodzik, Director of Dining Services, Campus Services “Students like the convenience of using their mobile phones and the instant validation that their voice has been heard. As a college, we are able to provide much better customer service to our students by creating an engaging culture with open communication with them. It’s a win-win all around.”