How To Close The CX Loop With Realtime Feedback

customer experience

It wasn’t too long ago that colleges and universities assumed the measure of their value was the reputation of their academics. Now there’s much more to it than that. The “student experience,” or customer experience, is increasingly important to campuses that want to attract more students and retain them once they’re there.  In business, “customer experience” […]

Make every customer experience count – listen, learn and act in 7 steps

Woman with cell phone providing feedback

You’ve worked hard to create a great experience for your customers, but how do you know if you’ve met (or exceeded) their expectations? Would you benefit from finding out what customers like and dislike every time they visit one of your locations? How about addressing problems immediately and showing customers you’re listening and care about […]

Restroom management impacts overall customer experience

Restroom management and problem reporting

Often overlooked when discussing the customer experience is what happens in restrooms. Whether visiting a restaurant or retail operation, travelling through an airport or stopping at a gas station, the cleanliness and condition of the restrooms directly impacts the customer’s perceptions and reflects on the management of the operation. Nothing is more off-putting than a […]

Survey goals and objectives explained: the survey series part 2

In part 1, we have briefly covered the definition and purpose of a customer satisfaction survey. We also discovered that a customer satisfaction survey is a process and should be approached in a systematic way. Bypassing certain steps in the process could jeopardize the overall success of the survey. Knowing your customer is satisfied could […]

Getting it right: the survey series part 1

In the past customer satisfaction and market research surveys were mostly conducted by research companies. Today, web and mobile technology, increased processing power, single-version-of-the-truth dashboard reporting and user friendly analytical tools has put the capability to conduct meaningful surveys within the reach of the smallest company or department. But surveying is often misunderstood and misapplied. […]

Touchwork @ The AHF (Association for Healthcare Foodservice) 2014 Annual Conference in Orlando

The Hospital foodservices sector is finding itself amidst various demands and pressures from both the customer and administration alike – with an increasing emphasis on “Hospitality” and customer satisfaction as a core competency, quality, healthy dining amongst patients, visitors and employees, cost management, “Business Dining” and introduction of new points of services & patient service […]

Best practice series: Tip #9 – Include website feedback

Expand the use of your TxtandTell portal – add website feedback Simply include a web link on your dining website Let students select any location and provide feedback Feedback is immediately emailed to location managers All feedback stored in the TxtandTell portal Managers can send a reply by email or text message Moderate and publish […]