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Fusion CX is an all-encompassing, customizable enterprise-wide platform designed to empower you in monitoring customer feedback throughout your campus, while providing valuable data for informed and strategic decision-making. By leveraging the power of customer feedback, AI, analytics, and intuitive dashboards, we simplify the process of monitoring and enhancing CX.

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With Fusion CX, you gain the ability to collect customer feedback from every touchpoint, ensuring a holistic understanding of their experiences. Our advanced AI and analytics capabilities transform this feedback into actionable insights, enabling you to make data-driven decisions that directly impact customer satisfaction.

Regardless of your customers’ location, Fusion CX offers comprehensive data analytics, helping you improve the customer experience, increase retention rates, and ultimately drive enrollment growth. By harnessing the full potential of Fusion CX, you can proactively address pain points, identify opportunities for improvement, and deliver a superior experience that sets your institution apart.

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Higher Education CX and audit products

Touchwork’s solutions enable institutions to measure feedback about their customer experience and gain a better understanding of how operations are performing to ensure overall business success. Coupled with Fusion CX’s advanced reporting capabilities and AI Insights, you can effortlessly gain valuable insights for strategic decision-making.

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The Touchwork Platform

Touchwork’s solutions are cloud-based and built on the Kinetica CX platform. They offer real-time results, advanced reporting, and analysis capabilities. These solutions are easy to deploy, do not require on-site IT support, and are optimized for mobile use.

Fusion CX integrates advanced AI with data collected from Kinetica CX products to take data analysis to the next level. It provides a comprehensive data experience with benchmarking, flexible dashboards, KPIs, reporting, and automation.

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“By responding to consumer complaints timeously and keeping them involved throughout the complaint process, we are able to manage and close the feedback process effectively. This feedback is important to Johnson & Johnson as we seek to retain the consumer custom and provide a great consumer experience.”

- Consumer Care Centre, 
Johnson & Johnson, South Africa

“Touchwork has been and continues to be a wonderful partner for Dartmouth Dining in the coordination of meal orders, engaging students with directed communications and gathering timely feedback on our program.  I recommend their wonderful services to all my colleagues.”

- Jon Plodzik | Director of Dining, 
Campus Services, Dartmouth Dining

“The performance of the system in terms of being able to garner instantaneous feedback from our customers and its analytics are outstanding.”

- Evan Olsen | Associate Director of Florida Tech, 
Campus Dining

“We are delighted with the highly effective system that Touchwork tailored specifically to help us maintain good service standards for our customers”

- Robbie Barrigan | Cleaning Quality and Compliance Manager, 
Asset Soft Services of London Stansted Airport

“Live data enables us to respond to a problem within a matter of seconds, while passengers also feel that they are being heard and that their opinions matter to the airport”

- Alison Karmellhi | Contract Manager, 
London Stansted Airport

“Touchwork provide great solutions to capture retail feedback and the generation of automated reports to take corrective action and better the customer experience. With the ability to capture data via iPad’s or Android tablets this makes for a seamless process.“

- Richard Duckworth | Commercial Trading Manager, 
East Midlands Airport

Ready to optimize your business with better customer experiences?

Embrace Fusion CX and unlock the tools you need to cultivate a customer-centric campus environment, fostering long-lasting relationships and driving your institution’s success.

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