Capturing Student Feedback in the Wake of COVID-19

Student Feedback

Capturing Student Feedback in the Wake of COVID-19

As schools prepare to reopen in the Fall, educators and administrators are facing unprecedented challenges. Major changes in classes, dining services, residences and other areas will be required to ensure student and staff safety.

This will present many unanswered questions and challenges:

  • How will schools facilitate dining and other auxiliary services for students?
  • How can schools best communicate to students about ongoing COVID-19 restrictions?
  • Will students have a simple way to provide feedback, ask questions or report issues?
  • Is there a way for students to inform schools if they are feeling ill, and then obtain instructions on how they should proceed?
  • Is there a way to monitor students’ concerns and feedback during this process in real-time?

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at these challenges in detail, and we’ll explore some of the available solutions that will make it easier for schools to adjust to the new normal.

School Dining Halls and COVID-19: What Will Change?

With school dining halls being a potential hotspot for COVID-19 transmission, there’s no doubt that many changes will need to be implemented when schools reopen.

Here are just some of the challenges and changes that schools might face:

  • Take-Away Dining: It’s likely that most campuses will be moving toward take-away dining services, instead of buffet-style or self-serve options. This may not only lead to poor customer service experiences, but students might face obstacles in getting their preferred food, especially those with allergies or dietary restrictions.
  • Mobile Ordering and Food Delivery: Along with take-away dining services, schools may need to offer contactless mobile ordering so that food can be delivered directly to students. When choosing a system for this, it’s important that the technology allows students to provide direct feedback so schools can better serve their needs.
  • Communication About Ongoing Changes: As we’ve seen over the past several months, the global pandemic is changing rapidly. Accordingly, new safety protocols must be communicated immediately and securely to students, staff, and on-campus workers. Communication via email alone likely won’t be sufficient. To keep everyone in the loop, schools should provide numerous communication touchpoints that are widely accessible to all.
  • Protocol for Sick Students: Schools must provide an easy way for students to communicate when they are feeling ill, and have a process for how to proceed. Without a clear system in place, students may feel overwhelmed and frustrated, and end up disregarding safety restrictions altogether. This can have major consequences in dining halls, even when social distancing is in place. 

As you can see, schools will need to prioritize two major things when reopening and rolling out changes to dining halls: open communication and feedback.

Overcoming School Dining Hall Challenges Amid COVID-19

Obtaining feedback, responding to students, acting on this feedback, and then sharing these changes digitally will be essential going forward. But how will this actually work? 

At Touchwork, we have a full suite of digital, web-based solutions that focus on improving communication, gathering feedback, and providing actionable insights. 

  •  The TXTandTell real-time text feedback solution is ideal for engaging and interacting with students to find out about their experience on a daily basis, identify problems and issues, and solving the many challenges that schools will face when reopening. 
  • The MarketIT solution allows updates to be communicated immediately by text message to students and staff about new safety restrictions that may affect their health and access to dining and auxiliary services.
  • The ShopandTell Mystery Shopping solution enables schools to monitor all student facing operations and ensure staff are complying with new safety protocols.

What are the Benefits of These Technologies?

Above all, schools should cultivate a safe environment where their students can thrive. Touchwork’s digital solutions can facilitate this process, and:

  • Help schools tailor their dining services to meet students’ needs.
  • Allow schools to gather feedback and implement changes quickly.
  • Build trust by providing timely, campus-wide updates amid COVID-19.
  • Improve safety by educating students about COVID-19 protocols via SMS text essaging.
  • Empower students to make their concerns heard, and give them the tools to easily initiate communication.
  • Show students that their feedback is valued, and provide them with a personal touch in the absence of on-campus workers to improve engagement. 

Interested in learning more about what these solutions can do for your school? We’d love to chat. Contact us today to get started.


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