Ensure a safe return to campus process. Let students and staff perform daily symptom and temperature monitoring checks using a simple app!

Students/staff complete a daily risk assessment before leaving for class/work. If they pass the symptom check , the system approves them to proceed to the campus or workplace.  If they fail, access is denied and Student Health/HR is alerted. A second temperature screening at the workplace provides a further safety check.   If they fail the temperature test, access is again denied and Student Health/HR is alerted. The self screening symptom assessment needs to be performed daily to allow access to the workplace/campus. Combined with the additional temperature screening, it ensures that students and staff with potential health issues are identified and blocked thereby ensuring the safety of their colleagues.

HealthScan comprises a number of options:

Students/staff Pre-Screen Symptom Check

Students/staff On-Site Temperature Check

Visitor Screen

Admin Portal

Student/Staff Symptom Pre-Screen and Onsite Temperature Check

  1. Students/staff install a customized app on their mobile device .
  2. Students/staff complete a daily symptom checklist before leaving for class/work . If they pass the assessment, the system issues a daily access pass. If they fail, an access denied status is issued and Student Health/HR is alerted.

  3. Students/staff who passed the symptom check show their access approved passport  when they access their class/workplace. At that time, or later in the day, each student or staff member’s temperature is taken, and is entered into the system.  If high, the system alerts Student Health/HR, and the student /staff member will be denied access and requested to leave for further investigation.

  4. Students/staff who fail the self-assessment receive a yellow or red notice to not come to class/work or to undergo a secondary screening, and Student Health/HR is notified in both cases. The specific company’s COVID protocol can then be followed.

Visitor Screening 

  1. This module handles onsite visitor screening and keeps a record of all visitors who have visited the workplace.

  2. Visitors can be pre-screened and can be sent a link to complete a risk assessment prior to visiting the workplace.  In this case, the system will issue a pass that confirms that they have completed the risk assessment.

Admin Console

  1. The Admin Console makes it easy to access all tools available in HealthScan, including accessing and registering students/staff , accessing reports, dashboards, and clearing blocked students/staff.

HealthScan Features

Provides pre-screening to reduce onsite health assessments which saves time, cost and resources. Provides real-time data and reporting for health compliance and audit. Easy setup and deployment, no expensive equipment required. Dashboards, reporting and data analytics.

 images (1).pngRealtime Workflow And Reporting

HealthScan provides realtime reporting on all health related data collected, we use simple and standard dashboards and widgets to show all your data analytics, workflows are standardized for all email notifications, daily, weekly reports.​

How do employees or visitors use HealthScan?

HealthScan will send a daily link to all students/staff by email or SMS at a specified time. For visitors we can provide a link/button that can be put onto the company’s website whereby visitors can pre-register, either as a day visitor or contractor.

Yes, HealthScan is only used to record the reading, so you will require an infra-red thermometer to take the actual reading.

Barcode.pngHow does the barcode work?

The barcode is linked to the staff/visitor profile and will be active on all valid permits, the barcode is scanned by the onsite team for recording all temperature checks.

HealthScan requires all users to be pre-registered, note students/staff who did fail the self-assessment receive a red notice to not come to class/work, and internal HR are notified.