Streamline the management of students/staff  who may have Covid-19! 

HealthTrack helps identify Covid-19 students/staff on campus, monitor their health while in isolation/quarantine and provides a campus wide communications process to notify all departments on the students/staff health status.

Students/staff perform daily health assessments using the HealthScan app.  If they fail the symptom checklist or temperature screen, Student Health/HR  is automatically notified and can follow up with students/staff as per protocols. These students/staff show up in the HealthTrack portal and enables the ongoing management and communications of the health status across campus.

If Covid positive, Student Health can monitor the health of students while in isolation on a daily basis. All departments are immediately updated on the students health status and can continue providing services.

HealthTrack provides a campus wide solution to  effectively manage Covid students, reduce staff and student safety and keep everyone in the loop.

The solution comprises a number of modules:

Student self-assessment and reporting

Student health monitoring while in isolation

Campus wide student status reporting

Department specific service processes for students in isolation

Mobile food ordering and delivery

Student/staff self-assessment and reporting

  1. Students/staff install the HealthScan app on their mobile device.
  2. Alternatively, if students do not feel well they can text a keyword to a shortcode to obtain a link to a health assessment questionnaire.
  3. Students/staff complete the daily symptom monitoring checklist with the standard Covid-19 symptom questions (cough, fever, etc).
  4. If students/staff have any of these symptoms, they will be denied access to campus and advised to contact Student Health/HR.
  5. Student Health/HR will also immediately be notified by email/text that a student/staff requires further assessment.
  6. A secondary temperature test can also be recorded at specific check points. If this is failed, access is again denied and Student Health/HR is alerted.
  7. Students/staff that fail the assessment will show up in the Student Health HealthTrack portal as a “New student/staff” requiring further action.

Student health status monitoring

  1. The HealthTrack portal provides full control and visibility to managing students/staff that have failed the daily HealthScan assessments.
  2. These students/staff automatically show up on a HealthTrach dashboard
  3. Student Health changes the student/staff status in the HealthTrack portal to “Under review”.
  4. Student Health performs tests as per protocol.
  5. If the student tests Covid positive, they will need to isolate as per protocol.
  6. If not, they can be cleared with or without a Covid test and their status updated accordingly.
  7. If isolated, the start/end dates and location are recorded. All departments are automatically notified so they can provide services to the student.
  8. Student Health can request that the student provides a daily health update.
  9. This can be done by installing an app or responding to a daily email with weblink to a questionnaire.
  10. Optionally, the student is provided a wearable device that reports key health parameters daily (SPO2, heart rate, etc).
  11. Both daily self reporting and wearable data is available in the HealthTrack portal.
  12. Student Health staff can track the students health daily to ensure progress towards recovery or intervene if required.
  13. The need for calling the student or sending emails is eliminated.

Campus wide student status reporting and communications

  1. If a student tests Covid positive, Student Health changes the student status to “Isolate” in the HealthTrack portal.
  2. This immediately sends email and/or text message notifications to designated staff in all campus departments that need to continue providing services to the student.
  3. Each department can then initiate their process and checklist.
  4. When Student Health determines the student has recovered and is ready to resume regular activities, they change the student status to “Cleared” in the HealthTrack portal.
  5. This again triggers email and/or text message notifications to all departments to update them of the “Cleared” status.
  6. This process eliminates the need to email or call all departments whenever a student is placed in isolation or is cleared.

Department specific service processes for students in isolation

  1. While a student is in isolation, each department can implement a department specific process to provide services to the student.
  2. For example, Food Services can provide a mobile ordering and food delivery process (see below)
  3. These department specific processes are configured in the HealthTrack portal.
  4. Each department has its own login and dashboard for tracking the services they provide.
  5. Departments can interact with the student by text message via the portal.
  6. All interactions are recorded for review purposes.

Mobile food ordering and delivery process

  1. As soon Student Health staff change the student status to “Isolate”, a mobile ordering process in initiated.
  2. Students receive a text message with web link to a food ordering web form.
  3. The webform provides the menu options and other ordering details.
  4. Students select the items they desire and submit the order.
  5. Designated kitchen staff at re immediately notified by email/text that a new order has been placed.
  6. They can view all orders on their HealthTrack dashboard and prepare meals accordingly.
  7. If required they can communicated with the student by text to clarify issues.
  8. Depending on protocols, the meals are delivered to the student.
  9. Daily production reports can be created for the following days orders.

Key Benefits

  • A monitoring dashboard to view and update the status of students/staff
  • All departments are kept in the loop about Covid students and can provide services
  • Reduced labor costs as monitoring and communications are automated
  • Reduced communications errors
  • Comprehensive student health monitoring (daily report and wearable)
  • Enhanced service delivery by departments
  • Improved experience for students