Driving efficiency: A notification system for campus parking and transportation management

Driving efficiency: A notification system for campus parking and transportation management

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Parking and transportation challenges on campus are well-known headaches for both students and staff. Institutions often struggle to effectively communicate changes in parking lot availability, closures, or other important updates to their diverse campus populations. However, MarketIT, an outbound marketing tool specializing in bulk text messaging, provides a powerful, yet simple solution to tackle these issues. In this blog, we will explore how MarketIT can alleviate parking woes, ultimately leading to a more pleasant campus experience.

Streamlining parking updates

A challenge faced by many higher education institutions is the efficient dissemination of information regarding parking lot closures or changes. MarketIT allows institutions to create communication groups based on various parking areas or lots, ensuring that students and staff receive updates pertinent to their assigned parking zones. This targeted approach ensures that individuals are only notified of changes that directly affect them, reducing unnecessary notifications and confusion.

Real-time communication

Unlike emails or traditional announcements, which may go unnoticed for hours or days, text messages sent through MarketIT reach recipients immediately. This real-time communication is particularly valuable when last-minute parking or transportation changes occur, helping students and staff avoid frustration and inconvenience.

Adapting to campus events

Campus events, such as sports games or special ceremonies, can cause temporary disruptions to parking availability and shuttle routes. With a notification tool like MarketIT, institutions can proactively notify affected groups about event-related shuttle routes, parking restrictions or alternatives. This proactive approach ensures that everyone is aware of the changes, reducing stress and confusion during high-traffic periods.

Extending across auxiliary departments

MarketIT’s versatility extends beyond parking and transportation. The tool can be utilized across various campus auxiliary services to notify customers of important information. Whether it’s updates on dining services, game days, library hours, or campus events, MarketIT empowers institutions to keep their campus informed and engaged.

Enhancing the campus experience

Efficient and targeted communication has a direct impact on the overall campus experience. When students feel well-informed and supported, they are more likely to have a positive perception of their educational institution. MarketIT plays a crucial role in creating this positive experience by ensuring that students and staff have the information they need at their fingertips.

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