Gaining insights and productivity boosts by hitching AI to your feedback data

Gaining insights and productivity boosts by hitching AI to your feedback data

Written by Craig Lotter, Software Developer at Touchwork

AI Insights


AI or Artificial Intelligence, the old catch-all name for software projects looking to allow computers to figure things out or come up with solutions by themselves without being told the exact steps on how to get there (and while also being fed ‘fuzzy’ inputs) certainly seems to have made some giant strides as of late, and what once was a relatively niche field of computer science and an aspect somewhat relegated to science fiction movies, seems to have suddenly exploded in popularity overnight and as such, has landed with a potentially big bang into our everyday lives.

Although we had steadily been making advances in both the fields of NLP (Natural Language Processing) and CV (Computer Vision) for quite some time now, it was the breakthrough introduction of Transformers by a team at Google Brain in 2017 that turned out to be the real game changer of note.

A Transformer is a deep learning model, distinguished by its almost singular focus on self-attention, which boils down to essentially weighting the significance of each part of the input (which includes the recursive output) data. Combining this new type of deep learning model with the ever increasing power of computing (increasingly made more democratized, i.e. available to all, through the cloud), lead to the creation of what is now known as large language models or LLMs, trained on vast amounts of text data and with the ability to hold billions of parameters to shape their responses. So essentially with the ability to predict the next word or sub-word based on the text it has observed so far, an LLM performs particularly well on natural languages processing tasks such as language translation, text summarization, and conversational agents.

In terms of opening this technology to the general public, among the dozens of services that have seemingly popped up overnight, OpenAI (partnered with Microsoft) has certainly lead the way with the release of its brilliant ChatGPT chatbot service which has seen widespread adoption throughout the world and which has been picked up on by just about every major news network around the globe, though the now released Bard from Google is sure to take this further by exposing even more people to this incredible piece of technology. 

Introducing AI Insights

So how can this be harnessed by Touchwork’s Kinetica CX platform? Well for starters, Kinetica’s new AI Insights module uses these services to parse through feedback collections, return summaries and recommendation reports, and ultimately draw out operational insights from the data, saving you both time as well as the cost of hiring independent consultants to trawl through all of your feedback data. Additionally, Kinetica now also offers Suggested Response text generation, meaning a massive saving in terms of both time and effort (plus a bump in language quality) to send out personalized responses to incoming suggestions and complaints.

With still many exciting use cases still in our pipeline, this increasing ability to augment decision making based on the data that has already been collected certainly makes for an exciting time to be in the customer services game!

Maximize your organization’s performance by adding Touchwork’s transformative AI Insights to your existing or new account.

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