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Providing a great campus experience not only leads to student satisfaction but also to loyalty and advocacy.

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Colleges and universities, in addition to educating students, provide a variety of facilities to students, such as food services, bookstores, transportation, accommodation, and parking, to name a few.

In today’s competitive environment it is critical to communicate and engage with your students, to better understand their likes and dislikes and listen to their needs and wants. Providing a great campus experience, across all aspects, not only leads to student satisfaction but also results in loyalty and advocacy.

Higher Education Products

Touchwork’s vast range of solutions enable colleges and universities to measure feedback about their student experience and gain a better understanding of how operations are performing to ensure overall business success. Our solutions offer valuable real-time insights and analysis capabilities with data collected and managed in the most effective and efficient way.


Audit and inspection solutions


Problem reporting using text and QR codes


Monitor your operations with mystery shopping


Kiosk-based customer experience feedback


Real-time feedback using text, QR codes and NFC

The Touchwork Platform

Touchwork’s solutions are built on the powerful and flexible cloud-based Kinetica CX platform and can be used individually or in any combination. They provide results in real-time with advanced drill down reporting and analysis capabilities. They are quick to deploy, require no on-site IT support and are optimized for use with mobile devices.

Touchwork offers stand-alone subscription based solutions or bundles them into packages based on client’s needs. Our enterprise licensing model enables unlimited access to the full platform and solutions.

Areas of Application

In-the-moment student feedback for food, retail and other auxiliary services

In-depth monitoring of food, retail and other auxiliary services using secret shoppers

Conference session evaluation and delegate engagement

Problem reporting for vending machines, bathrooms, dorms and other hot-spots

Health & safety and other compliance audits

Regular and ad hoc student surveys

Touchwork has been and continues to be a wonderful partner for Dartmouth Dining in the coordination of meal orders, engaging students with directed communications and gathering timely feedback on our program. I recommend their wonderful services to all my colleagues.

- Jon Plodzik | Director of Dining, 
Campus Services | Dartmouth Dining

Touchwork has enabled our students to interact with us instantly to provide valuable feedback. Due to the efficiency of the Touchwork system, we can respond in real time and ensure their dining experience is great!

- Evan Olsen | Associate Director, 
Florida Tech, Campus Dining

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Evan Olsen, Associate Director, Florida Tech | Campus Dining

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