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Elevating the customer experience

Providing customers with a tool for in-the-moment feedback should their experience or purchase fall short of their expectations.

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Why it’s so effective

In today’s complex marketplace, you’re not only competing with other stores like yours – but your rivalry is significantly greater when you consider the ease of digital retailers. Customers have a vast range of choices and no longer are they just looking for quality product or service, but their interaction with you and being looked after significantly influences their decision whether or not to do business with you. Every detail and every interaction counts. In the USA, customers value a positive experience with a brand even more than great advertising. In fact, 65% of Americans said that positive experience influences their purchasing decision more than advertising put out there for them. (PWC, 2022).

Retail & Services Products

Touchwork’s solutions enable retail stores and operators to gain in-the-moment feedback about the customer experience, monitor how operations are performing using mystery shopping, and thereby ensure overall business success. They offer valuable real-time insight and analysis capabilities and ensure data collected is managed in the most efficient and effective way.


Audit and inspection solutions


Problem reporting using text and QR codes


Monitor your operations with mystery shopping


Kiosk-based customer experience feedback


Real-time feedback using text, QR codes and NFC

The Touchwork Platform

Touchwork’s solutions are built on the powerful and flexible cloud-based Kinetica CX platform and can be used individually or in any combination. They provide results in real-time with advanced drill down reporting and analysis capabilities. They are quick to deploy, require no on-site IT support and are optimized for use with mobile devices.

Touchwork offers stand-alone subscription based solutions or bundles them into packages based on client’s needs. Our enterprise licensing model enables unlimited access to the full platform and solutions.

Areas of Application

In-the-moment customer feedback

Regular inspections to ensure compliance with standards and procedures

In-depth monitoring using secret shoppers

Problem reporting for vending, bathrooms, and other hot spots

Health, safety, and other compliance audits

Employee feedback and surveys

Marketing and loyalty programs

Touchwork provide great solutions to capture retail feedback and the generation of automated reports to take corrective action and better the customer experience.
With the ability to capture data via iPad’s or Android tablets this makes for a seamless process

- Richard Duckworth | Commercial Trading Manager, 
East Midlands Airport

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