Solution Overview

Like TxtandTell, TouchandTell is a real-time customer experience (CX) measurement, service recovery and mobile marketing solution that uses tablets strategically located in restaurants, retail, and other locations.

Woman with TouchandTell tablet

TouchandTell enables any customer to provide quick feedback on a stationary kiosk about their current experience. Kiosk-based feedback makes it convenient for customers to share their likes and dislikes, needs and wants, and any problems or requests. Results are available immediately and shared with managers by email or text message so that quick action can be taken.

The primary difference between TouchandTell and its sister service TxtandTell is the mode by which customers provide their feedback (kiosk-based vs mobile-based). These two solutions work well together to provide you with a complete customer feedback system.

Key Features and Applications

App Configurator

The TouchandTell app runs both on Apple IOS and Android tablets and can be downloaded from their respective app stores. A web-based app configurator enables the format, branding, and messages that get displayed on the tablet.

The TouchandTell system is completely flexible, allowing you to define the number of questions, the number of response options, and the auto response messages. Free format text, single question, or multiple question formats can be used. The system can also be configured to automatically send personalized responses to a customer based on the type of feedback they submit.

Tablet on stand
TouchandTell tablet on stand

Why It’s So Effective