Solution Overview

MarketIT is our outbound marketing solution that is a permission-based mobile-club that allows your customers to sign-up for SMS alerts. With one-third of people using their smartphone as their primary device (HubSpot, 2016) it’s no wonder companies across all industries want permission to send marketing messages via text to their customers and potential customers.

Why MarketIT is So Effective

Our outbound marketing solution is designed so that your customers can opt-in to receive text message alerts and announcements. This allows you to text your mobile subscribers about special offers, events, announcements, promotions, and new products!

What’s even better, MarketIT equips you with the ability to also embed links, videos, GIFs, and audio for a more interactive and fun user experience. Like email, you can also automate your SMS marketing messages and schedule them for delivery at specified times in advance. MarketIT integrates perfectly with existing marketing strategies and maintains brand continuity through this SMS touchpoint.

With MarketIT, You Can:

  • Get and keep your customers’ attention
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Raise awareness for new products and offerings
  • Meet your customers where they prefer to communicate
  • Receive instant feedback on campaign performance and effectiveness
  • Monitor results and make adjusts in real-time