Beyond the office: Getting to know Aaron Turcios

Beyond the office: Getting to know Aaron Turcios

Aaron Turcios, Customer Success Specialist

Meet Aaron Turcios, our Customer Success Specialist here at Touchwork, dedicated to delivering customer success for almost a year. However, Aaron’s impact reaches beyond his professional domain. He shares a mix of hobbies and passions that contribute to the allure of his already interesting personality.

Basketball excursions

While Aaron excels in customer success during office hours, outside of work, he undertakes an adventurous bucket list pursuit with his friends – aiming to visit every NBA stadium over the next 30 years. So far, they’ve already checked out 5 stadiums from their list, including Portland, Memphis, Atlanta, Brooklyn, and Los Angeles, setting the stage for countless alley-oops and three-pointers to come.

From dog parks to comedy clubs

When he’s not busy at the office or traveling for basketball adventures, Aaron finds joy in spending time with his furbabies. His dogs, Bowie and Tybalt, are his loyal companions, and he makes it a point to visit the dog park with them whenever possible. Additionally, Aaron dabbles in the world of comedy, especially enjoying musical improv and short-form improv, sharing his comedic talents with audiences far and wide.

Aaron, comedy club
Aaron on stage at a comedy club and enjoying an improv festival vibes with mates.

Dinner with Mufasa and a traveling circus (yes, you read that right!)

Aaron reveals his dream dinner guest – Mufasa from the Lion King. Reflecting on the emotional impact of the movie at the age of 4, Aaron admits he would have just one burning question for the noble lion – “How dare they?”

As for superpowers, Aaron dreams of communicating with animals à la Dr. Dolittle. His vision involves hosting a traveling circus featuring Ted Talks from the Animals, with thought-provoking discussions such as “Why Adoption Matters” with a Cuckoo Bird, “Slow Down for Success” with a Sloth and “Incremental Progress to Complete Your Goals” with a Woodpecker. 

Undoubtedly, the animal kingdom is brimming with invaluable wisdom waiting to be discovered!

A visit to the dog park with Aaron’s fiancée, AJ, and their fur babies, Bowie and Tybalt.

Unique tastes and pastimes

Because Aaron is just so interesting, it comes as no surprise that he participated in competitive cheerleading during high school — proper Bring It On style. And to add a twist to his fascinating repertoire, he also confesses to having a preference for dried prunes over candy. Who would have thought!?

Aaron brings a unique blend of professional expertise and diverse passions to our team, enriching it with creativity, humor, and a dedicated focus on customer success and satisfaction. Watch this space as we continue to unveil the fascinating narratives of our Touchwork team!

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