Beyond the office: Getting to know Emily Sandow

Beyond the office: Getting to know Emily Sandow

Emily Sandow, Touchwork
Emily with her family at a Georgia Southern football game

Say hello to Emily Sandow, an integral part of Touchwork’s sales team. For those fortunate enough to have met or worked with Emily, they will undoubtedly agree that her vibrant energy and infectious laughter bring a special spark to any occasion. Emily is an Account Executive, bringing her years of expertise in foodservice, particularly in the higher education sector, to the forefront of Touchwork’s sales operations.

Emily Sandow
Emily enjoying a pasta-making class

From the court to the kitchen

When the workday concludes, you can often find Emily on the tennis court. “Playing tennis is one of my favorite outdoor activities,” she says. But her talents extend beyond sports; Emily loves to cook and bake and her kitchen is often transformed into a holiday bakery, preserving family traditions and bringing a sprinkle of sweetness to those around her.

It should come as no surprise then, that when asked if Emily could dine with a historical or famous figure, it would be none other than Anthony Bourdain. “I’ve always been a huge fan of his,” she admits, envisioning a meal filled not just with great food but also tales of Bourdain’s adventures and the people he connected with through their shared love of food.

Emily Sandow
Emily with her sister, niece, and nephew at Muir Beach, CA

Bridging distance and cultural threads

In a world of superpowers, Emily dreams of teleportation. “I would spend the day popping in on my family and friends that live far away from me – I miss them all so much!”  

This desire for closeness echoes in her childhood memories: “When I was younger, I used to dance the Tinikling in a Filipino dance group in Charleston.Unveiling a chapter from her past, Emily’s father’s dedication to exposing her to Filipino culture further emphasizes the importance of family ties in shaping her diverse tapestry.

Something exciting in the pipelines

Emily shares a glimpse of something rather exciting that she’s working on, “A conference presentation for NACUFS in Little Rock with Sommer Dunlevy from Kent State. Sommer and I met at a NACUFS Institute when I was in dining operations at Georgia Southern, and I am really excited that we get to work together again!‘  We can’t wait either! 

Stay tuned for more glimpses into the captivating lives of our exceptional team members!

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