Mystery shopping for managing and elevating campus CX

Mystery shopping for managing and elevating campus CX

mystery shopping

In an era where higher education institutions are increasingly focused on delivering exceptional campus experiences, the pursuit of innovative strategies to boost operational efficiency and service excellence has become a top priority. 

Among these strategies, the adoption of mystery shopping programs stands out as a promising avenue for evaluating and improving various aspects of campus life. 

This blog explores the concept of mystery shopping in the context of higher education and elucidates its potential benefits and implementation strategies. 

Understanding mystery shopping 

Mystery shopping, a well-established practice in retail and hospitality sectors, involves the covert assessment of service quality and compliance with standards through the eyes of anonymous shoppers. In higher education, this methodology can be adapted to evaluate various campus services, including dining facilities, retail operations, bookstore operations, student services, and facilities management. 

Benefits of mystery shopping programs in Higher Ed

Implementing a mystery shopping program internally empowers institutions to maintain control over the evaluation process while obtaining actionable feedback for improvement. By systematically assessing different facets of campus life, universities can identify strengths and areas for enhancement, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. 

Establishing a customized mystery shopping program

To effectively leverage mystery shopping, higher education institutions should define clear objectives, design tailored evaluation criteria, train mystery shoppers, and establish robust mechanisms for result analysis. Customization is key to aligning the program with specific institutional goals and optimizing its effectiveness. 

Role of mystery shopping in driving accountability and improvement 

Mystery shopping plays a pivotal role in cultivating a culture of accountability and continuous improvement within institutions. By soliciting feedback from diverse stakeholders, including students, faculty, and staff, universities can pinpoint areas for enhancement and proactively address concerns, ultimately enhancing student satisfaction, retention, and overall success. 

Utilizing ShopandTell by Touchwork 

Touchwork’s ShopandTell offers a comprehensive solution for managing mystery shopping programs in-house. With its user-friendly interface and customizable features, institutions can seamlessly gather feedback from designated mystery shoppers, monitor performance across multiple locations, and promptly address customer needs. The platform’s reporting capabilities enable real-time insights and facilitate swift action on identified issues. 

Incentivizing feedback and participation 

Encouraging active participation from mystery shoppers, universities can incentivize quality feedback through rewards such as credits on student cards or meal plans. By acknowledging and valuing their contributions, institutions foster a collaborative environment focused on enhancing service quality and student experience.


Incorporating mystery shopping programs into the fabric of higher education institutions offers a strategic approach to enhancing service quality, ensuring compliance, and driving continuous improvement. By leveraging tools like ShopandTell and prioritizing stakeholder engagement, universities can position themselves as leaders in delivering exceptional student experiences and fostering a campus culture of excellence.

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