NACUFS 2022 Midwest Regional Conference: March 7-9, 2022 – St Louis, MO

Welcome to the NACUFS 2022 Midwest Regional Conference! The NACUFS 2022 Midwest Regional Conference in St. Louis provides a premier opportunity to RE-ENERGIZE and inspire a better you as we exchange campus-centric leadership goals and dining ideas. Join us March 7- March 9, 2022, as we create solutions, and connections so you can be a difference maker.

Designed and delivered to energize your dining team, we will kick off the conference with Chad Porter as he brings a message of perseverance and self-esteem. Chad then closes the conference with inspirational advice to accomplish your goals while implementing what was learned in St. Louis.  We will also embark on a journey as The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center presents a three-part session, “Leadership Now – Engaging Employees in an Ever-Changing Work Environment” providing us with invaluable tools for our rollercoaster dining environment.  Our own professional peers will have creative interest sessions and roundtables on the latest nutritional trends to meet the needs of our ever-changing dining programs.  Your time in St. Louis will help you bridge the gap as we nurture relationships, build service recovery, re-ignite the spark of ingenuity, and develop long lasting goals.