New update: Reaction GIFs made simple

New update: Reaction GIFs made simple


Over time, we have observed a trend among our ShowandTell users and moderators – responding to student and customer feedback using memes and GIFs, often through external links and uploads.

We are pleased to announce that our Dev team has made users’ lives much easier by integrating reaction GIFs from Giphy into Kinetica. With this new update, moderators can incorporate captivating digital signage experiences that highlight customer feedback and responses with just a click of a button.

The addition of reaction GIFs is integrated into the existing “insert image” functionality. This enhancement saves time and effort, enabling moderators to focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences.

To add GIFs and memes to your replies, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click on “Insert Image.”

ShowandTell gifs

2. Choose between the traditional “Upload Image” functionality or the new “Reaction GIF” option.

ShowandTell gifs

3. Search for a term that describes the desired reaction you wish to convey.

reaction GIF

4. Click on an image to add it to the current editor content.

reaction GIF

This fun update makes it effortless to include GIFs in your customer feedback responses. With the extensive Giphy library at your fingertips, you can inject a touch of fun and personality into your interactions.


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