Navigating everyday challenges: The practical side of problem reporting in self-service areas

Navigating everyday challenges: The practical side of problem reporting in self-service areas

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In the landscape of self-service operations, ensuring smooth functionality and addressing issues promptly are key elements in delivering a positive customer experience. FixIT, Touchwork’s problem reporting tool, is designed to streamline issue resolution across various domains, from vending machines to restrooms and locker facilities. In this blog, we’ll delve into the practical applications of FixIT, shedding light on its functionalities and how it addresses challenges in real-time.

How it works

Seamless communication: At its essence, FixIT acts as a bridge between customers and staff, providing a user-friendly platform for reporting issues in real-time. The simplicity of its interface allows customers to effortlessly communicate problems, whether it’s a malfunctioning machine or a cleanliness concern. By sending a text message or scanning a QR code, customers can report issues as they happen, providing managers with accurate data on exactly which machine or service is malfunctioning, or which areas need attention, allowing them to attend to the issue(s) promptly

Flexible workflow: Based on the type of the problem reported, designated staff can be alerted in real time by text message or email to take corrective action. Workflows to monitor response times and  status of problems with overdue notifications ensure issues are fully resolved. Extensive reporting including AI analysis provides insights into operations and suggested actions for improvement. 

Applications in everyday spaces 

Restrooms: Often underestimated, restrooms wield considerable influence over customer perceptions. FixIT offers a discreet avenue for customers to report issues, ensuring the upkeep of a clean and functional restroom environment. By strategically placing instructional materials, organizations can prompt users to report concerns conveniently via their mobile phones.

Fixit restroom

Vending machines: A malfunctioning vending machine not only frustrates customers but also impacts revenue. FixIT provides a pragmatic solution by simplifying the reporting process. Clear instructions and accessible reporting methods empower customers to communicate issues instantly. This streamlined approach notifies staff promptly, ensuring swift issue resolution while maintaining a comprehensive history of reported problems. 

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Facilities management using an app: The FixIT app enables staff to report problems anywhere, anytime across campus. Not only can they capture the details and location of the problem including GPS coordinates but they can upload photos. This visual evidence provides a crystal-clear understanding of the problem at hand, enabling the alerted personnel to precisely assess and address the issue. Whether it’s a malfunctioning piece of equipment, a cleanliness concern, or any facility-related issue, the inclusion of images through the app enhances communication and expedites the resolution process. This not only streamlines the workflow for maintenance staff but also ensures that the right resources are allocated to address each specific issue. The visual documentation facilitated by FixIT becomes a valuable asset in maintaining transparency, accountability, and ultimately, in delivering an elevated standard of facility management.

Versatility across any self-service operation

FixIT’s versatility extends beyond specific areas like restrooms and vending machines. Organizations can harness its capabilities for any self-service operation, allowing patrons to report issues related to dorm rooms, laundry facilities, parking facilities, libraries, and transportation services. The simplicity of FixIT ensures that customers can contribute to service improvement effortlessly.

Proactive maintenance

FixIT enables organizations to identify common problems and recurring patterns, paving the way for more effective maintenance planning and resource allocation.Combined with AI to analyze data it helps pinpoint key areas for improvement.

In closing: Real solutions for enhanced customer experiences

In conclusion, FixIT emerges as a practical tool for organizations committed to operational efficiency and superior customer experiences. By facilitating seamless problem reporting, providing practical solutions for issue resolution, and offering valuable insights for proactive maintenance, FixIT becomes an invaluable asset in the arsenal of any customer-centric organization. As businesses strive for continuous improvement, FixIT’s practical applications prove instrumental in achieving these goals.

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