Create audits, carry out inspections


CheckIT is our inspections and assessment solution that makes your inspection process smooth and effective. It is a flexible, multi-channel solution for collecting, monitoring and analyzing inspection data. It provides you with real-time information that can be acted upon immediately in a variety of ways: activate alerts, trigger business processes, and executive decisions can be made and implemented just to name a few.

What it does

Work on any device, anytime, anywhere. CheckIT works on smartphones, tablets and laptops. And you can utilize geolocation to track work being done! No matter where you are, you and your team can stay connected, in communication, and coordinated to deliver the very best in customer satisfaction.

How CheckIT Works

With CheckIT, you can:

  • Automate any inspection process (health and safety, quality assurance, maintenance, housing check-in/check-out, vending machines, bathrooms)
  • Easily assign inspectors and track tasks and service requests
  • Deploy communication between all locations
  • Schedule service and work orders
  • Score or rank inspection priorities
  • Create checklists optimized for mobile data collection
  • Send real-time alerts to resolve problems quickly
  • Review results and monitor performance

Use CheckIT for a number of critical operations

Compliance audits

Retail audits

Mystery Shopping

Health and Safety Audits

Promotional Evaluations

Utility Audits

“We are delighted with the highly effective system that Touchwood tailored specifically to help us maintain good service standards for our customers”

- Robbie Barrigan | Cleaning Quality and Compliance Manager, 
Asset Soft Services of London Stansted Airport

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