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Make sure your everyday areas are clean, well maintained, and functional with Touchwork’s FixIT problem reporting solution. Don’t wait for little issues to evolve into significant ones that affect many people, increase liability and risk, and negatively influence the customer experience (CX)! FixIT allows users to report problems on the spot using their mobile phones by sending a text message or filling out a simple web form. Plus, with AI Insights you’re able to identify common issues, recurring patterns, and areas needing attention.

What it does

Ask yourself:

Are all your restrooms clean and functional?
Are your vending machines operational and stocked?
Are there any other unattended areas that may have
problems you want to be aware of?

It’s a challenge to manage multiple locations at any given time, let FixIT help you identify any potential issues or risks immediately.

How FixIT Works

The benefits of using FixIt Problem Reporting:

  • Designated staff members are quickly notified through email and text message, allowing them to take corrective measures.
  • Maintain a complete record and history of all problems in a secure web portal.
  • Identify common issues, recurring patterns, and areas needing attention with AI Insights.
  • A personal response can be sent to the person reporting the problem and issues can be raised, assigned, and tracked for resolving complex problems.

When paired with routine inspections utilizing the CheckIT solution, you are one step closer to improving customer satisfaction and lowering expenses by addressing minor issues before they become more serious, as well as lowering overall risk.


The cleanliness and condition of restrooms have a considerable influence on client perceptions. Nothing is more repulsive than a dirty, smelly, or unsanitary toilet. Often overlooked, the restroom experience directly reflects on the management of the location and, as a result, the overall customer experience (CX)

Instead of relying on routine inspections, allow customers to report problems at their convenience via mobile phones. By putting appropriately designed signs or posters in toilets with instructions on how to report an issue, you start receiving alerts immediately to action.

Fixit restroom

Vending machines

Nothing is more aggravating than a broken vending machine, due to:

  • The card reader/cash acceptor is faulty
  • The item purchased gets stuck or does not get dispensed
  • The machine is dirty, unhygienic, or damaged
  • The items displayed are out of stock

Not only does this result in unhappy customers, but it results in a loss of revenue too.

Instead of having to call an answering service to get a refund or report a problem, simply attach a sticker to each vending machine with instructions on how to report a problem. Let customers send a fast text message or access a short web form by scanning a QR code or entering an url.

This instantly alerts vending staff by email and text so they can resolve issues and communicate with the customer immediately whilst maintaining a full history of all problems in a secure web portal. Everyone is happy.


Any Self-Service Operation

In addition to restrooms and vending machines, use the same process to allow patrons to report problems about any other location, equipment, or hotspot that needs attention. From dorm rooms, common areas, or anywhere on campus to self-parking, metered parking, mail rooms, electric charging stations, libraries, buses, and trains - there are endless opportunities for you to make your customers’ experience that much better by introducing the convenient and easy-to-use FixIT solution.

“Live data enables us to respond to a problem within a matter of seconds, while passengers also feel that they are being heard and that their opinions matter to the airport”

- Alison Karmellhi | Contract Manager, 
London Stansted Airport

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