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Manage CX with seamless integration of AI and data analytics, all unified within a single CX performance management dashboard.

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What is Fusion CX?

Fusion CX is a customer experience (CX) performance management solution that transforms feedback and audit data into comprehensive reports and interactive dashboards.

Linking seamlessly with all Touchwork platforms and products, Fusion CX consolidates data providing a comprehensive overview of customer experience (CX). By leveraging AI, customer feedback, and data analytics, we empower business leaders to effortlessly grasp their customers’ experiences.

Designed to optimize performance across various industry sectors, Fusion CX enables you to gain invaluable insights to make strategic decisions that drive revenue and foster positive customer relationships.

The Fusion CX difference

Dashboarding and Reporting

Highly configurable dashboards capable of tracking all essential KPIs, providing users with a comprehensive view of their operations.

Advanced Data Analytics

Leveraging advanced AI-powered analysis and reporting capabilities to generate insights, enabling deeper data analysis, and automation to save time and cost while gaining new insights.

AI Insights

Empowering organizations to effortlessly analyze large volumes of customer comments, extracting valuable insights and enabling data-driven decision-making. Additionally, AI Insights offers an automated response capability, saving you time and streamlining the feedback handling process.


Enabling users to compare KPIs and metrics with industry averages or specific benchmarks, gaining insights into their relative performance and identifying areas where strategic changes can drive revenue and improve customer relationships.

Automated Monthly Reports

Enabling deeper data analysis, reporting, and automation to save time and cost while gaining new insights.

Onboarding and Support

Fully supported onboarding and ongoing customer support services.

Consultant Support

Access to consulting support through an extensive partner network.

Seamless integration across real-time feedback and audit tools

Touchwork’s solutions enable organizations to measure customer feedback and gain insights into operational performance for business success. When combined with Fusion CX’s advanced reporting capabilities and AI Insights, valuable insights can be effortlessly obtained for strategic decision-making.

food allergy ordering

Food allergy ordering


Audit and inspections


Problem reporting

online survey

Online surveys


Product feedback

mystery shopping

Mystery shopping


Kiosk-based feedback

customer feedback

In-the-moment feedback

“By responding to consumer complaints timeously and keeping them involved throughout the complaint process, we are able to manage and close the feedback process effectively. This feedback is important to Johnson & Johnson as we seek to retain the consumer custom and provide a great consumer experience.”

- Consumer Care Centre, 
Johnson & Johnson, South Africa

“Touchwork has been and continues to be a wonderful partner for Dartmouth Dining in the coordination of meal orders, engaging students with directed communications and gathering timely feedback on our program.  I recommend their wonderful services to all my colleagues.”

- Jon Plodzik | Director of Dining, 
Campus Services, Dartmouth Dining

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