Ordering solution for customers with allergies


OrderIT is a mobile ordering service designed to fulfill the increasing demand across campus dining facilities. Now students and customers can use an app to place specialized orders off a menu for pick-up at a specified location and time. Chefs are immediately notified and advised of the customer order and their allergies, making it easier for them to prepare meals according to patron needs.

institutions that already use the power of OrderIT

Why it’s so effective

Dining preferences and food allergies are on the rise. With the growing demands of dietary requirements, dining facilities need a more efficiet way to accept and receive special dietary requests and then keep track of patron allergies.

Not only does OrderIT allow you to prepare food safely for your customers, it also alerts you to growing trends and needs so that you can make further adjustments to your menu in the future.

Key Features and Applications OrderIT

Benefits to customers

  • Caters to the specific needs of customers with allergies
  • Provides a make-to-order process and reduces risk of consuming incorrect items
  • Customers can pre-register together with allergy and restriction details
  • Using an app, customers select menu items and specify a pick-up time and location
  • Patrons can add any notes or special requests and submit their order
  • Customers are kept updated of the order status by text message

Benefits for dining services

  • Chefs are alerted whenever a new order is received by text and email
  • Chefs can view/print what has been ordered together with the allergies and other restrictions of the student
  • Chefs can record and sign-off the actual items used to prepare the meal
  • Chefs can communicate with customers to clarify any order details
  • Reduces risk of preparing incorrect food
  • Records of all orders by patrons and location, reducing potential liabilities
  • Reduces food waste as meals are made to order

Benefits to customers

  • Manage orders for customers with allergies
  • Keep track of all known patron allergies
  • Communicate effectively with patrons and staff
  • Make strategic dining decisions based on OrderIT insights
  • Maximize food preparation efficiencies and enhance the customer experience
  • Stay ahead of dietary trends and restrictions among your patronage
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