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mystery shopping


The ShopandTell Mystery Shopping Solution is a customer monitoring system that enables you to track the performance of your operations, by emulating the customer experience, ensuring compliance with standards and procedures, and measuring the customer experience. All the steps to manage this process in-house are automated, with results available in real-time.

What it does

Like all of our solutions, ShopandTell is built on the web-based Kinetica CX platform, requires no on-site IT support and is provided as a service (SaaS – Software as a Service) accessible over the internet. Touchwork manages and supports all hardware and software in secure data centers and ensures 24/7 web access. Additionally, all Mystery Shopping Surveys can be password protected so that the privacy of your customers and the data you collect is safe and secure.

How ShopandTell Works

ShopandTell is comprised of two key components:

  • The Web Portal from which the system is managed
  • The real-time data and results it stores that can be accessed securely from anywhere

The Web Portal is where all specifics about the locations, surveys, schedules, and shoppers are set up, as well as the analysis and reporting. This is a secure website with access restrictions that allow you to control who can see your data and manage any aspect of the secret shopper process.

The Survey Form contains the data fields captured by a shopper when they visit a location which can be accessed via a web link sent to the shopper by text message or email. These links work on all smartphones, tablets, and PC’s connected to the internet.

Shoppers conduct the surveys on the spot, and the results are immediately available on the web portal, allowing you to identify potential issues across multiple locations.

This solution features over 16 different question formats, many of which are pre-configured with commonly used rating scales and terminology, ensuring quick and efficient implementation of any Secret Shopper survey you may require.

Managing a mystery shopping program in-house allows you to maintain control over the process and you can adjust the survey form and shop schedule based on your requirements. This is important to gain more meaningful insights into the performance of your operations.

With ShopandTell, you can:

  • Identify the locations you want to monitor
  • Classify them according to type (e.g. dining, retail, bookstore, etc.)
  • Create surveys for each location type based on the elements you want to monitor
  • Recruit and identify shoppers
  • Schedule shops
  • Instruct shoppers by text message and email where and when to shop
  • Distribute survey links by text message and email
  • Collect customer feedback using smartphones, tablets, or PC’s
  • Immediately email shop results to managers for review
  • With AI Insights, get AI-powered summaries and reports that provide quick insights for informed decision-making. Schedule summary reports on a weekly or monthly basis to designated staff without the need to access the portal
  • Assign issues to any staff member for follow-up and keep track of the status of each issue

Touchwork provides a range of services to get your mystery shopping program up and running in as little as two weeks

Consulting and needs analysis

Survey/checklist templates for a range of location types

System configuration and testing

User training

“Touchwork provide great solutions to capture retail feedback and the generation of automated reports to take corrective action and better the customer experience. With the ability to capture data via iPad’s or Android tablets this makes for a seamless process.“

- Richard Duckworth | Commercial Trading Manager, 
East Midlands Airport

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