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TxtTapScan&Tell is a real-time customer experience (CX) measurement, service recovery, and mobile marketing solution. TxtTapScan&Tell is ideally suited for collecting real-time feedback and engaging with customers in dining, service, or retail environments. In industries where services are outsourced or multiple decentralized business units exist, effective customer feedback solutions are critical to monitoring and improving the quality of product and levels of service being delivered.

What it does

TxtTapScan&Tell is your all-in-one real-time feedback solution that simplifies customer feedback. Using their cell phones, tablets or PC’s – your customers can provide in-the-moment feedback, quickly and easily. Analytics allow you to identify likes and dislikes, needs and wants and flag any problems or requests.

TxtTapScan&Tell can be accessed by text messaging, mobile web using easycode.com url’s or QR codes, email, NFC and social media.

Our system is completely adaptable to enhance your client experience, regardless of how your consumers prefer to connect.

Why it’s so effective


Customers expect immediate attention and action. Don’t wait to find out a customer is having an issue when it’s too late.

With TxtTapScan&Tell’s configurable alerting options, results are immediately available and forwarded to management by email and text message, allowing you to respond to consumer feedback swiftly.

Turn a negative experience into a positive outcome, and build brand loyalty and advocacy.

Key Features and Applications TxtTapScan&Tell


Provide simple step-by-step instructions for submitting real-time feedback as well as ways for your customers to access special offers on everyday items such as point-of-purchase cards, posters, napkin holder inserts, table tents, and receipts.

Consider putting a marketing incentive in your materials. TxtTapScan&Tell has a prize drawing and coupon engine that is entirely automated and customizable.

Text messages, including mobile coupons, can be linked into your marketing communication strategies using the TxtTapScan&Tell mobile marketing platform.

Send out regular text messages with special offers and promotions to your opt-in database, motivating guests to return and bring their friends. Incorporate a mobile call-to-action, such as text-to-join, text-to-win, or text-for-a-coupon, into all of your marketing and advertising activities to attract new customers.

Fully Customizable

The system is completely flexible, allowing you to define the number of questions, response options and messages. Free-format text, single question “hotspots,” or multiple question formats can be used. The system can be configured to automatically send personalized responses to a customer based on the feedback received.

Comment Moderation and Digital Signage

Customers enjoy reading what others have to say. TxtTapScan&Tell offers comment moderation and display capabilities, allowing chosen comments to be displayed on digital signage. For each location, the system generates a customisable web page with a unique URL. This webpage can be displayed directly on smart TVs or using a Content Management System (CMS). Designated personnel can personally respond to all text message or email feedback and post both the customer’s remarks and their responses to the overhead digital screens.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

TxtTapScan&Tell captures your customer’s cell phone number and/or email address and allows them to opt-in to your outbound marketing campaigns. The CRM and loyalty programs build a database that enables you to better understand your customers and in doing so, target communication to them that is relevant and can positively influence their purchasing behavior.

Issues Management & Workflow

TxtTapScan&Tell includes an Issue Tracking module that enables a general issue or an issue related to a specific feedback problem to be raised. Issues can be assigned to any staff member for follow-up, and the system will keep track of the status of each issue by sending text and email notifications to the appropriate persons within the business.

“We’ve been using TxtandTell for several years now, and it’s hands down the best system I’ve ever employed. The introduction of AI response assistance was nothing short of genius! The Touchwork team is great.”

- Crista Martin | Director for Strategic Initiatives and Communication, 
Harvard University Dining Services

“The performance of the system in terms of being able to garner instantaneous feedback from our customers and its analytics are outstanding.”

- Evan Olsen | Associate Director of Florida Tech, 
Campus Dining

Touchwork has been and continues to be a wonderful partner for Dartmouth Dining in the coordination of meal orders, engaging students with directed communications and gathering timely feedback on our program. I recommend their wonderful services to all my colleagues.

- Jon Plodzik | Director of Dining, 
Campus Services | Dartmouth Dining

Students appreciated the instantaneous text responses, which helped alleviate negative publicity during a busy first semester of self-operation. Throughout our first year, we were able to quantitatively track our improvement in each dining unit with extensive data points and large sample sizes

- Ryan Greene | Senior Director, 

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