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Get real-time feedback and insights that are more accurate, more efficient and yield higher response rates to get you closer to your customers and streamline your business processes.

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Your all-in-one feedback solution that simplifies customer feedback using mobile phones, tablets or PC’s.

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Our kiosk-based, real-time customer experience (CX) measurement, service recovery, and marketing solution.

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Monitor the performance of your operations, ensure compliance with standards and measure your customer experience.

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Get quick feedback from customers on new or existing products or food items using text or QR codes.

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Create and share any form of survey, from simple to complex, to your preferred respondents by email or text message.

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A quick and effective tool allowing customers to let you know when they are experiencing a problem.

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A flexible solution for scheduling, collecting, monitoring, and analyzing inspection data that provides executives with real-time information.

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An outbound marketing solution that that allows your customers to sign-up for permission-based SMS or text alerts.

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An award-winning personalized customer ordering solution catering to the specific needs of costumers with allergies or special dietary requirements.

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ShowandTell offers comment moderation and display capabilities, allowing chosen comments to be displayed on digital signage.

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