How we help

In today’s competitive environment, retail stores and operators have two primary objectives:

  • Enhancing customer satisfaction
  • Boosting revenues

To achieve these it is critical to engage and communicate with customers, understand their likes and dislikes, identify and act on problems and listen to their needs and wants. Providing a great experience not only leads to satisfaction but also to loyalty and advocacy. Customers will spend more, visit over and over again and influence their friends via social media and word-of-mouth. This all helps to generate additional revenues and meet business objectives.
Satisfied customers tell three friends, angry customers tell 3000!

As a retail operator you want customers to tell you first about any problems and give you the opportunity to address any issues, before posting negative reviews on Twitter, Yelp, Trip Advisor or any other social media or blog site. To do so you need to provide a closed, simple and quick in-the-moment feedback channel for customers to report problems and then alert designated staff immediately so they can take actions to address customer concerns and turn a poor experience into a positive outcome.

It is equally important to inspect all retail units on a regular basis to ensure they are operating in terms of contractual requirements and that staff are complying with standards and procedures. This can be done using a mystery shopping program or an inspector based monitoring process to obtain in-depth feedback about unit performance relating to staff, service, products, cleanliness and other key factors.


Touchwork’s solutions enable retail stores and operators to gain in-the-moment feedback about the customer experience, monitor how operations are performing using mystery shopping and thereby ensure overall business success. They offer valuable real time insight and analysis capabilities and ensure data collected is managed in the most efficient and effective way.

The Touchwork solutions are built on the powerful and flexible cloud based Kinetica CX platform and can be used individually or in any combination. They provide results in real-time with advanced drill down reporting and analysis capabilities. They are quick to deploy, require no on-site IT support and are optimized for use with mobile devices.

Touchwork offers them as stand-alone subscription based solutions or bundles them into packages based on client’s needs. Our enterprise licensing model enables unlimited access to the full platform and solutions.

Areas of application

  • In-the-moment customer feedback
  • In-depth performance monitoring using secret shoppers
  • Regular inspections to ensure compliance with standards and procedures
  • Problem reporting for vending, bathrooms and other hot-spots
  • Health, safety and other compliance audits
  • Marketing and loyalty programs
  • Employee feedback and surveys