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Nothing is beyond our reach. Touchwork’s many solutions are built on the robust Kinetica CX platform and may be utilized independently or in any combination. Touchwork has been the voice of customer experience solutions for 20+ years, and our team is ready to design your ideal solution – regardless of your industry.

Event registration

From conferences to trade shows our event registration solution is fully adaptable to your event needs. Solutions include online registration forms to onsite registration, with full attendee reports made available across your show days.

Call buttons

Compliance monitoring reduces risk, saves costs and ensures quality. Use our platform to build detailed checklists, schedules and identify inspection priorities to ensure adherence.



Comment moderation and display capabilities


Food ordering solutions


Marketing and messaging solutions


Audit and inspection solutions


Problem reporting using text and QR codes


Experience survey solutions using email and text


Product feedback using text and QR codes


Monitor your operations with mystery shopping


Kiosk-based customer experience feedback


Real-time feedback using text, QR codes and NFC

Touchwork is the business to work with if you want a team that is always accessible, adaptable to your company’s needs, dependable, and a joy to collaborate with on various projects. For your company, nothing is too much or too personalized; they make it happen and provide solutions that are effective for you. Thank you Touchwork.”

- Helena Roussouw | Retail Customer Experience Manager, 

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