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Feedback is a critical component of customer engagement. With Touchwork’s integrated suite of in-the-moment feedback and real-time service recovery tools, you can collect and respond to your customers’ opinions, concerns, and problems in real-time. By doing so, you can let your customers know that their opinions matter and quickly address any issues they may have. This can help to improve your overall customer experience and transform your CX instantly.

Feedback channels

Capture real-time feedback and engage with your customers on their preferred channel - - from SMS to QR codes, NFC tags, WhatsApp or Kiosks. Get a consolidated view of what your customers are experiencing, all in real-time.

SMS, QR Codes and NFC tags

Rapidly deploy QR codes or NFC for problem reporting, customer feedback and product reviews and get immediate feedback, anytime, anywhere. Your customers are already using text - SMS allows them to easily share their feedback in a quick and easy format.

Feedback kiosks

Placed in strategic locations, our kiosk solution also gives you immediate access to feedback from customers and staff. But it’s so much more than a feedback tool - kiosks can be used to display marketing messaging, encourage loyalty program sign ups, enable problem reporting - all on standard hardware and one solution.


Surveys can be easily distributed by email or text, allowing for quick and convenient feedback. Email contacts can be imported or integrated into business processes, ensuring a seamless experience for both the sender and recipient.


Digital signage

Use our digital signage solution to show your customers that you are paying attention and increase engagement. Alternatively, utilize our digital signage in-house to deliver a real-time visual pulse of CX throughout your business or various locations.

Questions, workflow, locations

All our solutions support flexible question formats, advanced triggering and workflows, automated sentiment analysis and tagging, and can be fully configured to meet your brand identity. Our platform is also designed for complex location structures, with our support team on-hand to guide you through every step of the process.

Analytics & Reporting

Our NLP-enhanced dashboard turns data into actionable insights, from real-time alerts to configurable reports sent to the right people at the right time. AI-driven reporting provides comprehensive insights to make informed decisions and drive better outcomes.

AI Insights

AI Insights empowers your organization to effortlessly analyze large volumes of customer comments, extracting valuable insights and enabling data-driven decision-making. Additionally, it offers an automated response capability, saving you time and streamlining the feedback handling process.

AI Insights


Integrate customer feedback into your business processes using our open API’s, triggers and workflow logic.

Measurement to action

Implement real-time service recovery and issue management to easily track the resolution of customer complaints and problems as they happen.

Customer delight

One platform, multiple solutions! Touchwork’s portfolio of solutions can be used in combination to manage your CX, from in-the-moment customer feedback, audit and inspection data and enterprise messaging to issue tracking.


Fusion CX

Advanced dashboards & reporting

digital signage

Digital signage


Marketing and messaging


Problem reporting

online survey

Online surveys


Product feedback

mystery shopping

Mystery shopping


Kiosk-based feedback

customer feedback

In-the-moment feedback

Touchwork has enabled our students to interact with us instantly to provide valuable feedback. Due to the efficiency of the Touchwork system, we can respond in real time and ensure their dining experience is great!

- Evan Olsen | Associate Director, 
Florida Tech, Campus Dining

Touchwork Technology has been the best investment for the Johnson & Johnson Consumer Care Centre: we are able to engage with our consumers in real-time. By responding to consumer complaints timeously and keeping them involved throughout the complaint process, we are able to manage and close the feedback process effectively. This feedback is important to Johnson & Johnson as we seek to retain the consumer custom and provide a great consumer experience.

- Johnson & Johnson, South Africa, 
Consumer Care Centre

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