Survey results: Enhancing resident experience in senior dining

Survey results: Enhancing resident experience in senior dining

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The Senior Dining Association (SDA) Synergy Conference, held in Houston, TX from April 16 to 19, served as a dynamic platform for senior dining and hospitality professionals to convene and explore the latest trends and innovations in the industry. 

Touchwork conducted a comprehensive survey during the event to gain valuable insights into how senior living communities collect feedback from residents and conduct audits/surveys to enhance the overall resident experience.

Let’s delve into the survey results.

Real-time resident feedback

The survey found that the majority (96%) of respondents actively collect “real-time feedback” from residents, highlighting the industry’s growing recognition of the significance of residents’ opinions and preferences. Among the methods employed, comment cards were the most popular (61%), followed by email and websites (5% each), and kiosks (5% as well). Interestingly, text messaging and social media were rarely utilized, with 0% and 2% of respondents respectively. QR codes were used by 2%, while 20% reported utilizing alternative approaches like direct communication, conversations, letters, and Apps to gather resident feedback.


Audits and inspections

Regular audits play a crucial role in ensuring quality in senior living and dining operations, and the survey results indicate that 93% of respondents actively engage in audit practices. The methods used for audits varied among participants, with 65% relying on paper-based audits, whilst 19% of respondents have transitioned to web forms, reflecting the industry’s inclination towards digitalization. Moreover, 13% reported using a dedicated App for audits, embracing the convenience and efficiency of technology. A small number (3%) opted for other unspecified methods for conducting audits.


Outbound communication by text messaging

Text messaging has emerged as a popular communication tool across various industries, and its potential in senior dining establishments was explored in the survey. The results indicated that 25% of respondents have implemented a text messaging-based tool for outbound communication. The types of messages sent using this medium varied in purpose. Promotions and special offers constituted 14% of all messages, while 21% were related to upcoming events. The survey highlighted the importance of emergency communications, with 36% of respondents utilizing text messages for urgent notifications. Lastly, 29% of participants reported using text messaging to keep staff members updated on relevant information.



In conclusion, the survey results highlight the need for senior dining establishments to recognize the value of real-time data collection and immediate access to audit insights, as evidenced by the continued use of paper-based methods. Touchwork’s real-time feedback and audit solutions offer a transformative approach, enabling institutions to improve their practices by leveraging digital tools for enhanced data collection and streamlined audits with sophisticated management reporting outputs. By embracing these inexpensive, simple and easy-to-use technologies, senior dining communities can optimize their operations, prioritize resident satisfaction, and drive positive outcomes in the evolving landscape of senior living

View the full survey results here

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