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Restroom management impacts overall customer experience

Often overlooked when discussing the customer experience is what happens in restrooms. Whether visiting a restaurant or retail operation, travelling through an airport or stopping at a gas station, the cleanliness and condition of the restrooms directly impacts the customer’s perceptions and reflects on the management of the operation.

NothBlog Restroom1ing is more off-putting than a smelly, dingy or dirty restroom, a restroom with little privacy or a restroom that lacks necessary supplies such as toilet paper, towels, and soap. A poor restroom experience makes you wonder how other areas are being managed – especially in food services that can impact guest health and safety. The recent crisis at Chipotle is a good example of the risks involved when standards are neglected.

When visiting a restroom, the expectation is a clean and bright facility, spotlessly clean with all supplies available and hopefully not overcrowded. In practice this rarely happens especially during busy periods. Like any operation, to ensure a good  experience requires effective and proactive restroom management.

  • Firstly the design, layout and decor of the restroom must to be appropriate.
  • Standards and procedures must be defined, documented and applied. These relate to how often restrooms must be checked and cleaned and how they need to be cleaned.
  • Training is critical to ensure staff know how to perform their duties and what standards are expected of them. This applies both to custodial staff actually doing the cleaning as well as supervisory staff.
  • Supplies and cleaning materials must be available and replenished as required.
  • Ongoing management and records are required to monitor performance and ensure standards are being maintained.

To streamline the management of restrooms, three processes are essential:

  1. Problem reporting

SAN postersThis must be quick and easy to do so that any visitor can report a problem as it is experienced. The most effective method is using text messaging. Visible signage prompts visitors to text the location ID plus problem description to a short code. Alerts are instantly sent to supervisory staff by email/text so that action can be taken. All problems are logged and tracked in a web portal with records available on how long it took to resolve the pro

  1. Regular cleaning and checks

Restrooms need to be checked periodically by custodial and supervisory staff.  To ensure these inspections are taking place, an online check log must be maintained. Every time an inspection is performed the staff member must either send a text or scan a QR code to record the time of the inspection plus any comments.

  1. Detailed inspections

Detailed inspections must be performed on a regular basis by senior staff to ensure standards are being maintained. The most effective process is to set up a web form that is accessed on a smartphone. The manager records the findings when visiting the restroom and results are available instantly in a web portal with overall cleanliness scores to enable management reporting and trending.

In conclusion, the restroom experience has a significant impact on the overall customer experience and requires proactive management with appropriate software tools. Find out how Touchwork’s  FixIT  Problem Reporting and Inspection Solution: https://www.touchwork.com/problem-reporting-fixit/ can help you manage your restrooms.