TellUs – Boosting campus engagement. Coming soon!

TellUs – Boosting campus engagement. Coming soon!


Establishing and nurturing meaningful connections with students, staff, and faculty is a critical aspect of higher education. Understanding the heartbeat of your campus community is key to ongoing improvement and creating a positive experience for everyone involved. 

Enter TellUs, a marketing support program available to all existing and new Touchwork clients. 

While Touchwork equips universities with essential tools such as TxtandTell for in-the-moment feedback, ShopandTell for mystery shopping, GrabandTell for product feedback, FixIT for problem reporting, and more, to monitor and measure the campus experience, TellUs emerges as a dedicated marketing initiative. TellUs is specifically designed to ensure the successful implementation of these tools and products, strategically aimed at boosting feedback and engagement within your institution.

TellUs – Transforming voices into campus excellence

At the heart of TellUs lies a commitment to providing support for enhancing the feedback engagement experience within your institution. We understand the significance of utilizing data not only for collection but for actively shaping a responsive and dynamic campus environment. The name TellUs perfectly encapsulates the goals of your feedback program. If we’re doing good, TellUs; if we need to do better, TellUs! TellUs is designed to support the successful deployment of your student feedback and problem reporting solutions, ensuring a seamless and impactful process.

Creative solutions for maximum impact

TellUs offers a diverse array of marketing materials and creative solutions aimed at boosting the visibility and usage of feedback programs across campus departments. From captivating branded posters to interactive NFC tags and stickers, TellUs provides a comprehensive toolkit that resonates with students, staff and faculty encouraging active participation in shaping their own campus experience.

Seamless implementation across departments

TellUs introduces a selection of template ideas crafted to streamline the implementation process. These templates are designed to ensure a cohesive and visually appealing presentation across various departments. Serving as a creative foundation, institutions can effortlessly align these templates with their unique branding and messaging preferences, irrespective of the chosen marketing medium.


TellUs is more than just a program; it’s a dedicated partnership aimed at enhancing your institution’s feedback ecosystem. With a focus on creativity, innovation, and seamless implementation, TellUs empowers higher education institutions to take control of their feedback programs, enriching the overall campus experience. Embrace TellUs and embark on a journey to elevate engagement, foster communication, and cultivate a campus community that thrives on collaboration and continuous improvement.

TellUs is set to launch in 2024 and will be available to all existing and new Touchwork clients. Stay tuned!

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