The CX opportunities at airports that could increase traveler delight

The CX opportunities at airports that could increase traveler delight


Whether your customers are taking a domestic flight or they’re heading abroad, they’ll probably find their airport experience exciting.

At the same time, there are plenty of opportunities for it to become stressful. From the crowds to waiting in lines, there are lots of ways Customer Experience (CX) can head on a downward spiral when flying. Fortunately, advances in technology mean you can create CX opportunities that increase traveler delight.

CX enhancement using SMS services

Most people have their phones on hand when they’re traveling. They use them for locating services, passing time, and sharing their experience via social media. If you’re ready to harness the instant nature of phone access to create more CX opportunities, you might want to consider using SMS services.

One area where SMS CX services perform well is through providing updates. Imagine waiting at an airport when your flight is delayed and receiving reassuring and periodic updates rather than joining the crowds that gather to look at departure boards. This could induce a sense of reassurance and reduce stress levels, which may make flight delays less stressful.

Additionally, you can gather data that gives you the chance to perform better in the future. Using In the Moment Feedback services, you can use notice boards to inform customers that they’re free to provide feedback by SMS. Or even better still, prompt them by SMS yourself. When you capture that data during busy periods and flight delays, you can use what your customers tell you to improve their CX in the future.

Provide reassurance with ShowandTell services

Airports by their very nature are sign-heavy. Your customers rely on signs to move from place-to-place. With that in mind, why not take a forward-thinking approach to your sign usage and introduce ShowandTell boards?

ShowandTell boards publish customer comments and questions alongside managerial responses. Whether you’re operating a duty-free environment or you’re running an airside restaurant, your customers may have urgent questions that relate to their time before their flight and what they can do as boarding approaches. Those who can’t find a staff member to have their questions resolved can use the boards to gain answers. As a result, they may feel a greater level of satisfaction with your services.

Offer opportunities to provide rapid feedback

Whether it’s due to arriving late or problems with customs questions, airports are often frantic places. As a result, your customers may feel the urge to provide feedback, but they’re unlikely to have the time required to fill in forms or send a message.

Using instant feedback kiosks, you can capture basic data that allows you to identify when your customers are least happy. Many airports now locate these kiosks just after key points of frustration, such as security check areas and baggage check areas. Giving them the chance to hit a button as they walk by will allow you to identify trends.

Once you know when customers aren’t feeling happy with their CX, you can start adjusting your approach to problem areas and reassess the data later. After you spot a trend that’s starting to become positive, consider introducing your changes elsewhere. With the continuous analysis of instant feedback kiosks, it’s possible to create a traveling environment that’s both delightful and relaxing.

Final thoughts

Although airports have the potential to cause stress, there are many ways you can create CX opportunities that will make your customers happier. With a continuous focus on feedback and the analysis of data your customers provide, your airport or airside business could become a source of positive memories for the majority of people who pass through it.

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