The importance of benchmarking surveys in performance analysis

The importance of benchmarking surveys in performance analysis

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Benchmarking surveys are crucial tools for informed decision-making, providing essential data on organizational performance and market position. At Touchwork, we’ve enhanced these surveys through collaborations with industry leaders like American Dining Creations, NACUFS, and Aladdin Campus Dining. This article will explain benchmarking, how it fits with our services and its importance in improving organizational performance.

Understanding benchmarking

Benchmarking helps organizations navigate their competitive environments by comparing performance, processes, or metrics with industry standards or competitors. This comparison provides a clear picture of an organization’s strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement, showing how it measures up against others in the industry.

Types of benchmarking

There are two main types of benchmarking: internal and external.

Internal Benchmarking: This involves comparing metrics within various parts of the same organization, such as different teams or locations, to identify best practices and areas needing improvement. For instance, a retail chain might analyze sales across different stores to share successful strategies.

External Benchmarking: This type compares an organization’s performance with external entities like competitors or industry benchmarks. It helps in understanding industry trends and standards, aiding strategic differentiation.

Using both types, organizations can understand their performance internally and against external standards, fostering continuous improvement and competitiveness.

Executing benchmarking surveys

Effective benchmarking surveys require careful planning, including defining the survey’s scope, choosing the target audience, selecting relevant metrics, and crafting insightful questions. Surveys can be distributed through various methods such as emails, online platforms, or mobile apps to ensure they are accessible and easy to participate in.

Analyzing survey results

The analysis of survey responses uses advanced tools to reveal trends, patterns, and outliers. This analysis helps transform raw data into actionable insights, guiding strategic decisions and resource allocation.


Benchmarking surveys are vital for guiding strategic decisions and enhancing performance. By using Touchwork’s expertise in conducting these surveys, organizations can assess their current status and navigate towards sustained growth and competitiveness. Embrace benchmarking to unlock ongoing improvement and success.

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