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Close the CX loop
with real time feedback
Turn customer feedback
into customer delight
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One platform
multiple solutions
Real time feedback
real time action
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In the moment feedback
Make customer service
real and actionable
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Mystery shopping
Ensure compliance with
standards and
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Digital comment boards
Engage, share,
communicate, captivate
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Inspections and audits
Measure operational
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Blog Post

Healthscan App

How College Campuses Can Screen Students and Staff for COVID-19 Symptoms Using the HealthScan App

As college campuses and universities reopen amid the global pandemic, one of the most important changes will be screening staff and students for COVID-19 symptoms. School administrators are grappling with how to do this efficiently, both onsite and offsite, in order to keep campuses safe. Not only that, but it will be essential to keep track of infected individuals for contact tracing purposes.  With HealthScan, a cutting-edge solution from Touchwork, this entire process can be seamlessly managed with easy-to-use technology. 

HealthTrack: The All-In-One Solution to Monitor Staff and Student Health...

HealthTrack, a powerful new solution, is helping to bridge the gap. This all-in-one solution allows colleges and universities to:Monitor the health status of students and staff using daily symptom and temperature checks | Monitor and manage the status of students who have failed the daily checks | Communicate updates across campus of students in isolation | Provide contactless services for sick students and staff | And so much more.
On-Campus Auxiliary Services and COVID-19 Challenges and Solutions

On-Campus Auxiliary Services and COVID-19: Challenges and Solutions

The global pandemic has changed nearly every aspect of campus life, from housing to food services. Amid these changes, auxiliary service professionals are grappling with new challenges, such as:Is there a way to easily update students about COVID-19 restrictions that affect on-campus auxiliary services? Are newly implemented restrictions also in line with students’ needs?Is it possible to gather real-time feedback from students about these changes?  How can schools monitor pandemic-related restrictions and ensure they are being followed by staff and students?Without student feedback, it’s impossible to successfully implement change to any on-campus service. As a result, schools are turning to technologies that enable collaboration and real-time communication. 

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NACAS C3X 2020 Annual Conference and Expo, Nov 8-11, Anaheim, CA

Please join us at the NACAS C3X 2020 Annual  Conference and Showcase that will be held November 8-11, 2020 in Anaheim, CA. We will be showcasing our comprehensive range of customer experience management solutions including our latest Covid-19 Student Monitoring solution. Hosted annually, C3X convenes over 650 leaders from more than 300 higher education institutions and 200 NACAS Business Partners to exchange the knowledge and connections that are paramount to their work. Travel outside your regional boundaries to C3X and learn how other auxiliary leaders are meeting student’s evolving needs, providing services that outpace their desires, and boosting their institution’s ranking.

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