Man providing in-the-moment feedback using cell phone
Close the CX loop
with real time feedback
Turn customer feedback
into customer delight
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Woman with cell phone providing feedback
One platform
multiple solutions
Real time feedback
real time action
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In the moment feedback
Make customer service
real and actionable
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Mystery shopping
Ensure compliance with
standards and
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Digital comment boards
Engage, share,
communicate, captivate
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Inspections and audits
Measure operational
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A great customer experience (CX) is essential to ensure satisfaction, promote loyalty and advocacy and thereby impact the financial performance of your operations. Find out how Touchwork can help you achieve success.

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Blog Post

Why You Need to Get Student Feedback this Fall

Why You NEED to Get Student Feedback this Fall

Understanding the needs and wants of the younger generation is imperative when trying to keep up with their rapidly evolving preferences. What today’s 18 year old is looking for from a university can be completely different from what an 18-year-old five years ago preferred. Especially with the major differences between what life looks like today versus what it looked like 18 months ago, keeping up with student feedback is crucial. Attracting and retaining your students is more important than ever so keeping a pulse on their wants, likes, dislikes, and preferences are non-negotiable. Here’s why you need to get student feedback this Fall and how to do it.
are you prepared to collect student feedback this fall

Are You Prepared to Collect (and Respond to) Student Feedback this Fall?

With the 2021 fall semester right around the corner, colleges and universities are getting ready to welcome students back to campus for in-person learning again, whether full-time or hybrid. With COVID-19 not quite in the rearview mirror just yet, there are still plenty of guidelines and safety measures in place to keep students and faculty safe. But are colleges and universities prepared to collect, monitor, and respond to student and faculty feedback this fall?
Healthscan App

How College Campuses Can Screen Students and Staff for COVID-19 Symptoms Using the HealthScan App

As college campuses and universities reopen amid the global pandemic, one of the most important changes will be screening staff and students for COVID-19 symptoms. School administrators are grappling with how to do this efficiently, both onsite and offsite, in order to keep campuses safe. Not only that, but it will be essential to keep track of infected individuals for contact tracing purposes.  With HealthScan, a cutting-edge solution from Touchwork, this entire process can be seamlessly managed with easy-to-use technology. 

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