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Touchwork’s customer experience management journey began in 2003 when mobile technologies were in their infancy. Back then, text messaging was just emerging as a new communications channel, smartphones did not yet exist, and social media platforms were unknown. Even high-speed mobile data capabilities to view the web or video were unheard of.

However, Touchwork was already at the forefront of innovation, launching the first service globally where customers could provide in-the-moment feedback about their experience via text message with real-time reporting and alerts.

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Our vision

Touchwork’s vision is that all organizations strive to deliver experiences that exceed the expectations of their customers.

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And what’s more: we have a lot of fun doing it.

Touchwork’s breadth of knowledge is unique, but our real difference is the ability to collaborate with customers and partners to solve complex business problems. Touchwork can help you define your business imperatives and explore the technologies that can result in increased competitive advantage.

Touchwork has offices in the USA, UK and South Africa to manage and support customers worldwide.


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Our values

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Dedication to every client’s success

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Innovation that matters for your company & for the world

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Service that exceeds expectations

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Trust & personal responsibility in all relationships

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