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Touchwork’s Kinetica platform is an automated survey and data collection platform that provides maximum flexibility to craft and implement data driven workflows, integration with third party systems and logic to manage complex survey implementations.
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How Our Kinetica Platform Works

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OBJECTS: Surveyor, User, Location, Product, Device.

Core Functions

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Central Database

Data is entered/collected using a number of channels, and the type of data collected can be configured to suit the specific application. A key aspect of the database design is that data items or questions can be changed at any time, without affecting reporting of historic data, and additional customer feedback data channels can be integrated into the system in a seamless manner.

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Data Collection Modules

The Kinetica CX platform can accept data (whether customer feedback data, or other enterprise feedback data) from a variety of sources. Data from multiple input sources can be mapped into the same reporting structures in real time. The system allows complex location hierarchies to be configured enabling data to be collected based on specific locations; which also enables customized workflow and reporting based on specific locations or groups of locations.

Primary channels:
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Email Marketing Engine

The system can upload customer and other data from csv files, or automatically by means of API integrations with third party systems. This data can then be used to distribute email and/or sms requests to customers requesting them to provide feedback. These emails would typically include custom links to web forms in order to track the customer and or location. Like with other marketing platforms, the system will track deliverability, opens, starts and completion.

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Workflow Engine

Once customer or other data has been received by the system, it can automatically be processed using a trigger system, that will do one or more of the following:

Triggers can be invoked immediately, or can be configured with variable delays to achieve certain workflow functionality.

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Automated Analytics

All data can be automatically analyzed in order to identify sentiment, generate scores, or identify key topics. This allows for automated categorization of customer feedback, as well as identifying problems in real-time. Automated text analytics is especially powerful when long and complex text comments from customers are received and analyzed. The results from the analytics are securely stored in the central database, and can be included in dashboards, triggers, messages and reports.

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Reporting and Dashboard Manager

Reports and dashboards are configured using individual reporting widgets, which can be independently configured on a per user basis. The Kinetica CX system includes more than 40 predefined widgets, which allow for very complex reporting to be defined and custom widgets can be developed to support highly complex requirements.

Dashboards display data in real time, and support advanced filtering. Reports once configured can be immediately downloaded, or can be scheduled to be emailed to defined recipients on a defined schedule. The scheduling engine is extremely flexible in that it can cater for real time, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly reporting in a variety of formats.

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User Rights Manager

The system enables granular access rights management, ensuring that data and functionality is only made available to the correct users, and eliminates unauthorized data entry and changes to transactional data. The system maintains a detailed audit trail and log of all actions taken by system users, thereby ensuring ongoing integrity of the system.

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The system has a powerful interface that allows third party systems to directly push customer and other data into the system using web hooks. This is very useful when customer target data originates in third party systems – such as booking systems. Once data has been received, it can be stored as part of a customer record, workflowed, and reported on.

The Kinetica API also allows data to be sent from Kinetica to third party applications and systems using webhooks. This is very useful if data is required for third party reporting or BI tools, or if feedback data is used to update third party systems.

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Issues Management Module

This module enables multi-stage issue management to be implemented. Issues can be automatically raised based on customer feedback using the workflow engine. As an example, if a customer reports a problem, an issue can immediately be created in the issue module, which will help manage its resolution.

Issues can be assigned to designated users, and go through a number of user definable states until closed. All issue management tasks are time measured, and can be used for SLA management.

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Digital Signage

The digital signage solution allows an unlimited number of digital screens to be configured and managed. Screens can include any number of content items, including filtered and or moderated feedback data that has been stored in the database.

Many clients use the digital signage module to communicate with customers and solicit customer feedback and the screens support static images, video’s, embedded websites, ticker tapes, data from the central database and much more.

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Touchwork has enabled our students to interact with us instantly to provide valuable feedback. Due to the efficiency of the Touchwork system, we can respond in real time and ensure their dining experience is great!

- Evan Olsen | Associate Director, 
Florida Tech, Campus Dining

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